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10 most overrated managers in world football named by study ft. Pochettino, Zidane & Alonso


  • Zinedine Zidane, despite winning multiple Champions League trophies, has a lower win percentage as a coach, earning him some overrated criticism.
  • Harry Redknapp, highly praised for his managerial skills, has a win percentage below expectations, making him overrated by fans.
  • Eddie Howe, touted as a highly promising English manager, has a lower win percentage than believed, leading him to be one of the most overrated managers.



Managers often receive a lot of scrutiny and criticism. Fans regularly believe they know more than the man in charge of their teams and are convinced they could do a better job. How often do we hear that a manager doesn’t know what they’re doing? Too often, but there are a select group of managers who receive quite the opposite.

There are a number of coaches who are actually hyped up by fans and have their knowledge, experience and work praised almost universally. Some clearly deserve it, with the likes of Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti having records that speak for themselves and the wins to back up any level of praise they receive. There are others, though, who haven’t quite done enough to merit the level of hype that surrounds them.

Interestingly, Ticketgum recently researched who the most overrated managers in the world are. Going off the percentage of positive tweets about them, paired up with their win percentage, the site generated an overrated score out of 10 for the biggest managers in the world and here is how the top 10 shaped up.

10 Zinedine Zidane – 6.96/10

VITORIA-GASTEIZ, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 30: Zinedine Zidane of Real Madrid CF looks on during the Liga match between Deportivo Alaves and Real Madrid CF at Estadio de Mendizorroza on November 30, 2019 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)

One of the very best midfielders of all time, Zinedine Zidane had a pretty impressive run as Real Madrid manager across two spells. The Frenchman won three Champions League trophies, two La Liga, and other bits of silverware during his reigns at the Bernabeu. Fans have been very vocal in their praise of Zidane online as a result.

His win percentage isn’t quite as high as you’d expect, though, with the former Madrid manager winning just 63.12% of his games as a coach, giving him an overrated score of 6.96/10. Still, considering his success in the Champions League, it feels harsh to call Zidane overrated, but we’re yet to see how he’d fare outside of Los Blancos.

9 Harry Redknapp – 7.27/10

Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has a pretty stellar reputation as a fine English manager who can be relied on to steer any team in the right direction, no matter how dire a situation may be prior to his arrival. Spells at West Ham, Portsmouth and Tottenham Hotspur saw him become one of the most praised and respected English managers in the game.

With a win percentage of just 40.98%, though, he’s been quite overrated by fans online. According to Ticketgum, 80.40% of tweets about Redknapp are positive, which is surprising considering his record is actually less than stellar.

8 Eddie Howe – 7.57/10

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe

Eddie Howe’s managerial career has been primarily spent at AFC Bournemouth, where he emerged as one of the most highly touted English managers in the sport. Fans were calling for the former Cherries’ boss to take the England job at one point and his reputation has improved exponentially following his move to Newcastle United.

Fans rate Howe highly, with 83.09% of tweets about him being pretty positive, but his win percentage of 43.37% isn’t quite as great as they’d lead you to believe. His record will only continue to improve at the Magpies, so he might fall off of this list in the future, but right now, considering how highly he’s rated, compared with his win percentage, he is one of the most overrated managers in the world, according to Ticketgum.

7 David Moyes – 7.87/10

David Moyes West Ham United manager

Over the years, David Moyes has forged an incredible manager in the Premier League. Spells at Everton and West Ham have seen the Scotsman fare pretty darn well. Fans love him online and the respect many have for the 60-year-old is apparent. It wasn’t always like that, though, with Moyes being criticised exponentially for his reigns at Manchester United and Sunderland.

He’s since bounced back at the Hammers and 84.74% of tweets about him are now positive. Considering his win percentage is 42.91%, he might have come full circle, though, and be overrated now. Ticketgum thinks so, anyway.

6 Roy Keane – 8.18/10

Roy Keane during The FA Community Shield match between Manchester City against Arsenal

For all the work Roy Keane has done throughout his career, whether it’s his playing days, his media work or his time as a manager, it’s the latter that really gets talked about the least. That’s probably for a good reason to as the Irishman didn’t fare too well in the managerial hot seat.

With spells at Sunderland and Ipswich Town, the former Manchester United midfielder has a win percentage of 39.78%. That’s the lowest on this entire list, but 76.93% of the tweets about him are positive. Whether that’s because they’re tweeting about anything but his time as a manager, we don’t know, but it’s enough to get him a spot on this list.

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5 Vincent Kompany – 8.48/10

Vincent Kompany looks on

In terms of current managers, few have picked up the level of hype that surrounds Vincent Kompany right now. His time at Burnley last year in the Championship saw him emerge as one of the most promising managers in football according to many online. His side dominated England’s second tier and there were fans claiming he was destined to be Guardiola’s successor.

Throughout his reigns at Burnley and Anderlecht before that, the Belgian has picked up a win percentage of 51.68%, which, when paired with the fact that 88.74% of the tweets about him are positive, makes him pretty overrated right now. With the Lancashire team back in the Premier League now, the percentage of games won will almost certainly drop, so he may become even more overrated.

4 Mauricio Pochettino – 8.78/10

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino-2

Looking online, you’d think Mauricio Pochettino is one of the greatest managers in the world. His time at Southampton and Tottenham brought decent success admittedly, but his win percentage of 48.83% isn’t quite the world-beating record you’d expect from someone who’s praised so highly online.

91.63% of the tweets about the current Chelsea boss are positive, but with the Blues still in turmoil, it’s not going to be an easy year for Pochettino and fans may slightly turn on him if he fails to turn things around for the London club. It feels safe to say his win percentage is going to drop, anyway.

3 Andrea Pirlo – 9.09/10

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo was a beloved player. There’s no doubt about that. The Italian had an incredible career as a midfielder for the likes of AC Milan and Juventus, and fans have been enamoured with him since. That’s followed through into his time as a manager, with fans continuing to hype Pirlo up.

86.82% of the tweets about the former midfielder are positive, but he hasn’t even come close to matching his success as a player during his career as a coach. Spending a year at Juventus and a year at Fatih Karagumruk, he has struggled to sustain any real success and has a win percentage of 52.33%. He was appointed Sampdoria manager in the summer and after his first six games, he has just one win, so his percentage is certainly going to drop as the year progresses. Considering how highly he’s rated online and the amount of positive things said about Pirlo, he’s certainly overrated.

2 Roberto De Zerbi – 9.39/10

roberto de zerbi applauds

Roberto De Zerbi is an impressive manager. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. Replacing Graham Potter was no easy task for anyone, but the Italian stepped in at Brighton & Hove Albion following his departure and has done a stellar job. He’s actually taken the Seagulls to heights they’ve never seen before.

His work with the club has been awe-inspiring, and they look set for another cracking season this year, but considering his win percentage across his career is just 42.68%, he’s been slightly overrated. Now sure, his tenure at Brighton so far is well deserving of the praise he’s received, and he’s received plenty. 92.89% of tweets about De Zerbi are positive, but considering the rest of his career as a manager, he has been overrated slightly. With how good he’s been at the American Express Stadium, though, so far, his win percentage should likely climb, and he’ll force himself off this list in no time.

1 Xabi Alonso – 9.69/10

Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso’s first reign in senior management couldn’t really be going much better. Taking over at Bayer Leverkusen in 2022, he’s been the catalyst that sparked a major resurgence for the club. The Bundesliga side was struggling, languishing just above the relegation zone when the Spaniard arrived, and he’s done a superb job turning things around.

His club now look primed to maintain a serious title challenge this year, but through a spell with the Real Sociedad B team and now Leverkusen, the former Liverpool man has a win percentage of 42.22%. That’s hardly a stellar record, but fans online have been lapping the former midfielder up, with 85.48% of the tweets about him positive. Admittedly, he is doing a solid job in Germany, though, and his percentage may improve going forward, but right now, he’s got the unfortunate honour of being named Ticketgum’s most overrated manager in world football.

Check out the complete table below of the 10 most overrated managers in the world going off their win percentage and the amount of positive tweets about them online.


Win Percentage

Percentage of positive tweets about them

Overrated score

1. Xabi Alonso




2. Roberto De Zerbi




3. Andrea Pirlo




4. Mauricio Pochettino




5. Vincent Kompany




6. Roy Keane




7. David Moyes




8. Eddie Howe




9. Harry Redknapp




10. Zinedine Zidane




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