321st birth anniversary festival of Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa I was celebrated on Wednesday 18 August 2021 at Raver Khedi

The remembrance and samadhi place of Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa who is famous as the only undefeated warrior of the world, is at Raver Khedi, Tehsil Sanawad, District Khargone,Madhya Pradesh.

Baji Rao is the most commended warrior king after Shivaji throughout the entire existence of the Maratha Empire. His accomplishments are building up Maratha incomparability in South and political authority in North. During his long term appointment as Peshwa, he crushed Nizam-ul-Mulk at the Battle of Palkhed enabling for foundation for Maratha power in Malwa, Bundelkhand, Gujarat, as deliverer of Konkan from Siddis of Janjira and as a hero of western coast who liberated it from the Portuguese.

Baji Rao was born to the Bhat family in Sinnar. His dad, Balaji Vishwanath, was a Peshwa of Shahu and his mom was Radhabai Barve. Baji Rao had a more youthful sibling, Chimaji Appa, and two more youthful sisters, Anubai and Bhiubai. Anubai was wife of Venkatrao Ghorpade of Ichalkaranji and Bhiubai was wife Abaji Naik Joshi of Baramati.

Baji Rao spent his youth in his father’s recently procured fiefdom of Saswad. He and Chimaji were very close.Baji Rao was motivated by the likes of Shivaji, Ramchandra Pant Amatya and Santaji Ghorpade.

He was prepared as diplomat and a fighter under his father. Being brought into the world in a Brahmin family, his schooling included perusing, composing and learning Sanskrit nonetheless, he didn’t stay bound to his books. Baji Rao showed an enthusiasm for the military at an early age and regularly went with his father on military campaigns.He was with his father when his father was detained by Damaji Thorat prior to being delivered for a ransom.Baji Rao had been on the endeavor to Delhi in 1719 with his father and had persuaded that the Mughal Empire was deteriorating and incapable to oppose toward the north Maratha expansion.When Balaji Vishwanath passed on in 1720, Shahu delegated the 20 year old Baji Rao as Peshwa in spite of resistance from other chieftains. He is said to have lectured the ideal of a Hindu Pad Padshahi (Hindu realm).

Today on 18th August 2021 is his 321st birth anniversary and the occasion was celebrated near his memorial at at Raver Khedi, Tehsil Sanawad, District Khargone,Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, Tourism and Culture Minister Usha Thakur, Minister in-charge, Kamal Patel, Khargone’s Lok Sabha MP Gajendra Patel along with descendants of Bajirao Peshwa and descendants of other Sardar Gharanas(Clans) were present at the event. As a keynote speaker to grace the program, renowned Mr.Pandurang Balkavd, a ‘Moddi script’ expert and a history researcher from Maharashtra Pune, was present.

Source Culture Department Madhya Pradesh