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Ad volumes on the GEC genre saw a 50% rise in H1’22 from H1’21: TAM AdEx

The ad volume trend across general entertainment channels (GEC) saw a 50% rise in Jan-Jun’22 from Jan-Jun’20 compared to the 3% growth in Jan-Jun’20, according to the data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. May’22 saw the highest ad volume share of 17.4% during the period of Jan-Jun’22.

The top subgenres mentioned in the GEC genre included Hindi GEC, Tamil GEC, Telugu GEC, Malayalam GEC, and Bengali GEC, among others. The report stated that Hindi GEC topped with more than 20% share of GEC’s ad volumes, in both Jan-Jun’22, and Jan-Jun’21. Furthermore, the top five subgenres accounted for more than 65% of the share of ad volumes in both periods. And within the tally of brands and advertisers, the count of advertisers in the GEC genre increased by 5% in H1’22 over H1’21. The count of the brands in the GEC genre also by 3% in H1’22 from H1’21.

Moreover, the food and beverages, personal care/personal hygiene, hair care, personal healthcare, laundry, and building, industrial and land materials/equipments maintained their ranks in the Top 10 leading sectors in Jan-Jun’22 from Jan-Jun’21. Interestingly, the sector of personal accessories saw a substantial rise by entering the Top 10 list. The food and beverages sector topped with 29% of the share of ad volumes of the GEC genre and was followed by personal care/personal hygiene with 20%.

The report highlighted that the category of milk beverages took over toiler soaps, which slid to the third position in H1’22 over H1’21. In addition, the report also mentions that five categories from the food and beverage sector (F&B) and two from the personal care/personal hygiene sectors were present in the Top 10 list. The Top 10 categories added a 36% share of the GEC genre’s ad volumes.

In conjunction, the report stated that there are over 185 categories which registered positive growth in their share of ad volumes. Aerated soft drinks saw the highest increase in ad secondages in the GEC genre, which was followed by tea during the Jan-Jun’22 period over Jan-Jun’21. With regards to growth percentage among the Top 10 categories, Ecom-Wallets topped with the highest growth of 4.4 times, followed by corporate/brand image which rose by 4.3 times.

Within the segment of advertisers, the report quantified over 580 advertisers who exclusively advertised in the GEC genre during the period of Jan-Jun’22. Among them, JBC Industries was the top executive advertiser in the GEC genre followed by Mangalam Matrimony.Com. Interestingly, the data provided on the leading exclusive advertisers and brands states over 960 advertisers and over 2000 brands exclusively advertised in the GEC genre in H1’22. Tata Play and Lizol All in 1 were the top exclusive advertiser and brands respectively in Jan-Jun’22 compared to Jan-Jun’21. Additionally, in the list of the top brands advertised in the GEC genre, Harpic Power Plus 10x Max Clean moved from 13th place in Jan-Jun’21 to first place in Jan-Jun’22.

It should be noted that prime time, which refers to the period between 6 PM-10 ftPM, was the most preferred time band on the GEC genre, followed by the afternoon (from 12 PM- 4 PM) and morning (from 9 AM- 12 PM) time bands. Ad commercials that went for 20 to 40 seconds were the most preferred for advertising on GEC channels in both H1’22 and H1’21. In Jan-Jun’22-21, less than 20 seconds of advertisements of the GEC genre had a 28% and 23% share of ad volumes respectively.

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