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Alia Bhatt’s voice mimicker, Chandni Bhabhda acquires Akshay Kumar’s flat in Mumbai: Report | Celebrity News

Alia Bhatt’s voice mimicker, Chandni Bhabhda acquires Akshay Kumar’s flat in Mumbai: Report (Credit: Instagram/@chandnimimic)

New Delhi: Chandni Bhabhda is a 24-year-old content creator celebrated for her uncanny mimicry of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt. Recently, the content creator took a significant step in her life by purchasing a luxurious flat in Mumbai previously owned by actor Akshay Kumar. With a massive Instagram following exceeding 4.5 lakhs, Chandni has garnered widespread acclaim for her mimicry skills and engaging content.

Alia Bhatt’s voice mimicker buys home in Mumbai

Recently, Chandni delighted her followers by sharing glimpses of the griha pravesh puja held at her newly acquired residence. Clad in an elegant pink saree adorned with a red chunari, she participated in the traditional rituals alongside her family, capturing the heartfelt moment with her fans. Expressing her gratitude, Chandni wrote, “Ghar. Buying a house under 25. Brb paying EMI’s. #ghar #chandnimimic #chandunegharleliya.”

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Chandni Bhabhda buys Akshay Kumar’s Mumbai flat

Reports suggest that Chandni’s new abode, situated in Andheri, Mumbai, was previously owned by renowned Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Furthermore, speculation abounds regarding Chandni’s interior decoration plans, with rumours circulating that she intends to infuse the space with a blend of Rajasthani and Bollywood-inspired elements, reflecting her eclectic taste and artistic flair.

About Chandni Bhabhda aka Chandni Mimic

Chandni Bhabhda has carved out a distinct niche for herself in the digital realm, leveraging her knack for mimicry to captivate audiences. Operating under the moniker “Chandni Mimic” on Instagram, she has cultivated a loyal following drawn to her humorous skits and spot-on impersonations of Alia, among other popular figures.

Despite holding a law degree, Chandni opted to pursue her passion for mimicry and acting, a decision that has propelled her to newfound heights of success. Her talents have even earned her a spot on the comedy show Constable Girapde, which premiered on Amazon miniTV.

Alia Bhatt’s reaction to Chandni’s videos

Alia Bhatt herself has acknowledged Chandni’s talent, praising her mimicry skills during an interview with NDTV. Expressing her admiration for Chandni’s videos, Alia commended her exceptional portrayal and said, “That’s one of my favourites. There is this one girl who imitates me, Chandni, she imitates me really well. She made an Alia Bramastra meme, where she is talking about my voice and she is outstanding.”

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