Anil Deshmukh: CBI summons former Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh over corruption allegations | India News

NEW DELHI: CBI has summoned former Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh, for questioning on Wednesday, in connection with allegations of corruption levelled by former Mumbai Police commissioner Param Bir Singh.
On Sunday, the CBI had recorded the statements of Deshmukh’s personal secretary Sanjiv Palande and personal assistant Kundan Shinde who were allegedly present when the minister demanded the bribe.
Suspended assistant police inspector Sachin Waze had told the CBI in his statement that Deshmukh demanded Rs 100 crore bribe from him after suggesting to extort the money from bars-restaurants.
Former Mumbai police commissioner Param Bir Singh had accused Deshmukh of asking Waze to collect Rs 100 crores from bars and restaurants every month and pay him.
CBI is inquiring the corruption allegation following the Bombay high court’s order. A lawyer Jaishri Patil had filed a petition in the court demanding independent inquiry on the basis of Singh’s letter.
Last week, the CBI had recorded the statement of Waze, Singh, ACP Sanjay Patil, DCP Raju Bhujbal, lawyer Jaishri Patil. The CBI also had recorded the statement of a bar owner who reportedly collected Rs 1.5 crore from various bar owners in Western Suburbs of the city and paid Waze.
Singh first wrote a letter to the chief minister stating that Deshmukh called Waze and assistant police commissioner (ACP) Sanjay Patil along with deputy police commissioner (DCP) Raju Bhujbal separately at his official residence in south Mumbai where he demanded the bribe. Waze and Singh told the CBI that Shinde and Palande were present during the bribe demand discussion.
In his letter, Singh alleged that Deshmukh had called Waze at his official residence, at that time, one or two staff members of the minister including Palande, were present. “..Home Minister expressed to Waze that he had a target to accumulate Rs 100 crores a month. For achieving the aforesaid target, the Minister told Waze that there are about 1,750 bars, restaurants and other establishments in Mumbai and if a sum of Rs. 2-3 lakhs each was collected from each of them…”
Singh’s letter further stated that after a few days Deshmukh called Sanjay Patil at his official residence to discuss the hookah parlours in Mumbai along with DCP Raju Bhujbal. Palande gave them the target of “a collection of Rs. 40-50 crores which was possible through an approximate 1,750 bars, restaurants and establishments operating in Mumbai..”
Whereas in his letter, which Waze wanted to submit to the special court during his remand and circulated among media, stated that Deshmukh’s assistance Kundan Shinde was present during the bribe demand and he had suggested to comply Deshmukh’s demand to keep his police job. Waze told the CBI that he had informed the then commissioner of police, Param Bir Singh, about the demand last January.

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