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Appriffy plans to Hire 100’s of Software Engineers in their upcoming Hiring Plans

Muzafar Hussain, Founder & CEO, Appriffy

Solving the inescapable concern of unemployment, Appriffy, a Bangalore-based tech startup, is planning to hire hundreds of software engineers in their upcoming hiring plans!

Today, one of the major apocalyptic cries in the worldwide economy is the obsolescence of existing jobs. Now that automation and rapid enhancement in technology have taken over, the opportunity to grasp employment facilities has also been reduced. However, tech-based companies like Appriffy are creating more job opportunities, underlying the positive aspects of automation in employment. Appriffy has inaugurated a constructive influence on tech-space employability through a holistic vision. As of now, the company is on the lookout to hire software developers in abundance as per their upcoming hiring plans.

Appriffy: India’s Fastest Growing Digital Hiring Platform

With the evolution of artificial intelligence in the IT field, Appriffy has changed the entire tech hiring industry for the better. Hiring hundreds of software developers to assist businesses and MNCs, this tech-based startup is employing better means of AI-based hiring technology today. Appriffy hires developers ‘On-Hourly and On-Demand Basis’ to empower individuals, startups, and international companies in developing their distinguished tech derivatives.

As of 2022, Appriffy is working with several companies like Infogain, Robosoft Technologies, LG, Smartapp, Bluesis, 21 North Europe Assistance, ConfirmU, ClickNDeliver, etc. At Appriffy, businesses are assured of the best software developers with a terrific command of problem-solving, organisational, and time management skills. The company hires their professionals by employing a three-step scientific recruitment procedure.

With the help of AI, Appriffy overviews the data of a suitable software developer who has applied for a job opportunity in the company. The developer, then, has to undergo an AI-based code assessment test. If they clear this test, the Appriffy team interviews them. Once the participant clears both rounds, they are introduced to the client, followed by the HR team. Only after the client green lights the candidate does Appriffy proceed to the third step. Lastly, they issue the Offer Letter to the candidate after a thorough background verification.

The company was Founded by Muzafar Hussain, who’s also the backbone of this tech-startup. Mr.Hussain started the company in a small room, which has now aspired to an unparalleled level. Considering Appriffy’s growth in the last few years, it’s undoubtedly the fastest growing digital hiring platform. Further, in the next 5 years, it will be a big slam in the IT industry. Muzafar Hussain, the Founder and CEO, believes – “Appriffy will be a big brand name”.

“Appriffy leads the way to Digital Transformation, and I hope to see Appriffy at some certain height of success in future. Now Appriffy has stepped into some international countries like South Korea, UAE, etc. We are looking forward to Appriffy’s presence and mergers in many other countries and working with many big projects and the expansion of the Appriffy team,” says Mr.Hussain.

How Appriffy is Implementing Technology to Change the Tech Hiring Process

Technology has dramatically influenced myriad aspects of our lives. For employers, the change significantly impacts the hiring process. Implementing pre-eminent digital talent assessment tools, Appriffy has managed to hire the best software developers. Individuals, startups, or MNCs can contact Appriffy to find cost-competitive and skilled software developers. Besides, Appriffy also delivers an online platform that establishes employment vacancies for job seekers in various tech fields. These include hospitality, travel, finance, banking, e-commerce, insurance, automotive, healthcare, blockchain, retail, and more.

The Appriffy team consists of tech developers, strategists, and designers who are exceptional at what they do. They not only help with end-to-end designs but also deliver creative product development services to their clients. Further, they allow businesses to save costs and hire the right software developers. Appriffy successfully meets the requirements of international and Indian companies by providing them with creative and competent software developers!

Mr.Hussain, the Founder and CEO asserts, “After thorough research of the global talent supply market, I concluded that there is a huge demand for high-quality and expert software developers worldwide. I went on to build this marketplace where businesses can remotely hire expert software developers from the assured Indian market for successfully meeting their technology requirements.”

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