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BW Businessworld Ranks India s Top B schools In Its Latest Special Issue Explores AI s Impact On Management Education – BW Businessworld

BW Businessworld in its latest special annual issue dated December 16, 2023, delves into the rapidly evolving landscape of business education, unveiling its annual B-School rankings and providing valuable insights into factors shaping future leaders.

The rankings evaluated business schools from the length and breadth of the country on various parameters such as leadership, faculty enhancement programmes, admission process, industry linkages, infrastructure, and placements, among others.

The issue also consists of in-depth interviews with directors of top Indian Institutes of Management and several top-tier private management institutes who open up on changing expectations of the industry from management graduates and how disruptive technologies are being inculcated in the curriculum.

AI Takes Centre Stage

The year 2023 has seen unprecedented buzz and discussions surrounding artificial intelligence, making it a focal point of seminars, news articles, and columns. Alongside AI, two other defining terms are VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) and BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear, and Incomprehensible).

A key theme explored in this issue is the challenge posed by uncertainty, identified as the most significant risk for corporations, including Fortune 500 CEOs. The dynamic nature of business cycles requires talents prepared to navigate uncertainty, and volatility, and demonstrate resilience. This theme has significantly influenced BW Businessworld’s rankings of B-Schools for 2023.

While the top order of rankings remains dominated by first-generation IIMs and prestigious private B-Schools, the landscape is witnessing a surge of new-generation IIMs and private institutes. These institutions exhibit agility in adapting their curriculum to align with industry requirements, introducing innovative measures to stay relevant. The issue addresses the reluctance of some colleges, particularly tier-1 and tier-2 institutions, to engage in prolonged associations for internships, highlighting a contrast with lesser-known institutions that embrace extended partnerships, yielding substantial benefits.

The core question explored in the issue revolves around how B-Schools are meeting evolving industry expectations and catering to the aspirations of Gen Z, especially in the era of disruptive technologies as the world gears up for Industry 5.0. Insights from B-School directors, deans, CHROs, academia, and HR professionals shed light on how institutions are instilling an understanding of diversity and sustainability on campuses. 

Predictive Analysis in Martech Stack

The issue emphasises the significance of predictive analysis in every martech stack. Amit Tiwari, Global Head of Marketing Demand Centre, TCS in his regular column, ‘AmitScope,’ highlights the increasing adoption of predictive analytics in marketing and its pivotal role in forecasting campaign outcomes, user behaviour, and market trends. The global predictive analytics market, with a projected CAGR of around 21 per cent, is expected to reach $23.9 billion by 2027. He addresses the challenges and emphasises the need for accurate data acquisition, strategic planning, and the integration of automation for successful implementation. 

Deep Tech Dilemma

Elsewhere, the issue also delves into Indian deep tech start-ups facing a funding conundrum as investments sharply decline, raising concerns about their growth and innovation potential. Despite pioneering breakthroughs, start-ups like Adiuvo Diagnostics and Centella AI struggle to secure adequate funding, emphasising the need for patient capital. Government and public grants, though crucial, remain limited, prompting calls for innovative funding models. Nasscom collaborates with the government to address this gap and aims to support 10,000 deep-tech start-ups by 2030. While funding in the third quarter of 2023 records a significant drop, optimism prevails for AI-focused start-ups in the deep tech space.

In the ‘Last Word’ column, Suresh Narayanan, CMD of Nestle India, celebrates India’s business school graduates, describing them as second to none. Emphasising the need for crisis management skills in a dynamic business environment, Narayanan highlights the importance of digitalisation in management education. He calls for a collaborative effort to address India’s growing talent requirements, focusing on productivity, commitment, and training in sophisticated technologies to enhance the country’s prosperity.

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