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Calling US Star Fred Kerley ‘Small Dog’ Olympic Gold Medalist Gives a Befitting Reply After Shade Thrown at Him Ahead of Track Season – EssentiallySports

Despite winning the gold medal in 100m in the Olympics, Italian runner Lamont Marcell Jacobs’s life has not been a bed of roses. Withdrawing from the Kip Keino Classic event, Jacobs recently received heavy criticism from Fred Kerley. Kerley publicly criticized Jacobs for not competing outdoors through a blunt comment. Reacting strongly, Jacobs gave a hard-hitting reply through his Instagram story.

Jacobs’s strong reply to silence Fred Kerley and his critics comes at a difficult time when the Olympics star is still recovering from his defeat at the European Indoor 60m competition to Samuele Ceccarelli. Not surprisingly, Kerley referred to the same European Indoor Championships while responding to Anson Henry’s question in a recent interview. So what was Kerley’s outrageous comment and what was Jacob’s fierce reply? Read on to find out!

Fred Kerley’s unfiltered opinion triggers Marcell Jacobs to react

Answering Anson Henry’s question about Jacobs’s performance in the European, Kerley said, “At the end of the day, indoor is indoor. The real dogs come and play outdoor.” This hints at how Kerley feels strongly that performing outdoors is much more prestigious than indoor events.

Later, replying to Anson’s question, “Is he a real dog?”, Kerley said, “I don’t think so, I’m just being truthful.” This led to surprising reactions from Anson Henry and Justin Gaitlin.

Afterward, Jacobs gave an apt reply through his recent Instagram story. Sharing a video clip of heavy weightlifting in the gym, Jacobs captioned the post, “The lion doesn’t turn around when a small dog barks.” Asserting his superiority and on-field dominance, Jacobs clearly shows that Kerley’s views are not worth paying attention to him. Kerley was however not the only athlete to publicly share his frank opinion on Jacobs.

An Olympic gold medalist once shared how Jacobs is on shaky ground professionally as an athlete despite winning the 100m race in the Olympics after Usain Bolt.

Michael Johnson describes potential pitfalls for Marcell Jacobs

Reacting to Matt Lawson’s news in 2021 that Jacobs wouldn’t be running that year, Johnson gave his intriguing opinion. “His title is well deserved but a bit tenuous due to no track record of consistent world beating performances.” This hinted at his veiled criticism of Jacobs who doesn’t have too many records in his name. However, this is not all.

Further, Johnson stated that if Jacobs was defeated in the Diamond League circuit, it would reduce the importance and significance of his title. Continuing, he implied that if Jacobs chose to stay at home, it would be safer for him.

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