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Christina Applegate”s Hacked Twitter/X Account Turned Crypto

The social media joint formerly known as Twitter hasn’t been the same since You Know Who took over. It’s become a haven for resurrected anti-Semitic accounts, once avoidable verification issues, threats that all of it could become pay-only, and, of course, a dumb name change. But it still has problem that plagued the before-Elon Twitter: Name accounts can still be hacked.

As per The Daily Beast, On Tuesday fans of Christina Applegate were rightly alarmed when her account suddenly took a hard turn towards cryptocurrency.

“I am loving NFTs!” read a post that was soon pinned to the top of the actress’ account. “I almost lost my NFTs a few days ago, I had to migrate my NFTs cause of the new contract upgrade! DONT LOSE YOUR MONEY!!!! I CARE ABOUT ALL MY FANS!!! I CRYPTO! #CRYPTO #Bitcoin #Ethereum.”

There were other, non-crypto posts that were still suspect, including one that read, ““Comment ‘applegate’ letter by letter on my tweet, and i will choose 50 people that did to follow back! ”

At one point the suddenly questionable account addressed the elephant in the room. “Everyone, i am not hacked. I have simply been struggling with my illness and have been looking into internet currency (like Cryptocurrency) please stop this accusation,” read the post, referencing Applegate’s struggles with multiple sclerosis. “Thank you. I don’t like being made fun of.”

But Applegate’s publicist eventually contradicted that assertion, telling The Daily Beast, “Her account was indeed hacked. We are trying to fix that.”

By late Tuesday, the crypto posts had been zapped from Applegate’s feed, suggesting (hopefully) that all had been set right.

(Via The Daily Beast)

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