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Controlling institutions, BJP uses Shinde camp against Maharashtra, says Saamana

Two days after the Supreme Court allowed the Election Commission to hear the Eknath Shinde camp’s plea laying claim to the Shiv Sena symbol, the party mouthpiece has accused the BJP of controlling constitutional institutions and using the chief minister-led camp against Maharashtra.

“By using the Shinde camp as a front, Kamalabai (BJP) is playing with the rules and laws on this issue… The ‘unscrupulous group’ is getting relief (from courts and other institutions) as all the constitutional institutions have been ‘controlled’ by the BJP. But we have faith in the court, the Constitution of the country and all the people. The developments that have taken place in Maharashtra are simply illegal,” Saamana said in its editorial on Thursday.

Asserting there is no power struggle in Maharashtra, the editorial demanded the disqualification of 16 MLAs including the chief minister.

“An illegal government has been formed in Maharashtra. A group of MLAs defected from the Shiv Sena, joined hands with the Opposition party and formed a government by making financial transactions. The group violated the Anti-Defection Act by defying the party’s instructions. Therefore, the basic issue is that 16 MLAs including the chief minister should be disqualified,” it said. “If we study the rules, laws, the Constitution and previous court judgments, 16 MLAs and their main leaders will be disqualified and the illegal government will collapse.”

According to the editorial, Shinde-camp MLAs had openly said that “whatever happens”, they would win because the Supreme Court “would not take any decision for five-ten years”. Such statements, the editorial said, give rise to doubts “in the minds of the people about the functioning of the country’s constitutional institutions”.

The party mouthpiece said such doubts had arisen in the past few years.

Hitting out at the BJP, the editorial alleged the party had created a new, “untrustworthy” group to work against the state. It said the party was ready for “all kinds of battles”. “The question is justice and truth! It is also about the identity and pride of Maharashtra,” it said.

“No matter how many arrogant people there are who create chaos across the country by trying to use constitutional institutions for political self-interest… there is justice in this country. Democracy is alive. We are confident that no constitutional institution will proceed in violation of laws, evidence and public sentiment,” read the editorial.

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