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Digital marketing and transition to Web 3

Web 1 primarily focused on delivering information to users, instead of engaging or creating ways to interact with it.

Web 2 was the second-generation web, which had dynamic web pages that allowed for greater interaction and collaboration with users. It came with new technologies such as social networking, blogging, content sharing etc. Which has transformed the web into a more engaging or participatory social platform.

Web 3 is the stage we are at, at the moment and it refers to the third-generation web, which is characterized by intelligent applications or software that is capable of understanding and interpreting user data (Artificial Intelligence – AI). It can also be referred to as, the “Semantic Web,” as it targets to create a more meaningful web experience by enabling machines to understand the meaning of data and information on the web.

As for the next generation web (to come) – Web 4, which might be characterized by a greater level of personalization, automation, and artificial intelligence – well I can’t wait for this. This is largely speculative, with no clear consensus on what it will look like or how it will function.

We as digital media geeks tend to eagerly wait or even scramble to experiment on each new digital technological advancement that comes out. It is time for experimentation (Web 3), well there are some negative aspects to Web 3. We have the ability to influence Web 3 and not just reactively but also proactively by making sure that this space is portrayed from all sides. Let us be honest, we shouldn’t shy away from the fact that on the social media aspect there are a lot of developments that developers have not designed for but have been created artificially. If we do not act appropriately safety will not be considered into Web 3. Which will make it much harder later on to secure it down the line.

As the Webs develop there is a need to consider the highest form of ethics and transparency. There is a saying that the currency of Web 3 is Crypto but actually, it is “Trust”. From a Marketers standpoint, how are (we) to focus from a Tech perspective? It is everything to do with sustainability and innovation. Applied AI is really at a tipping point at this moment. Recently in the news, China has moved to create regulations that will differentiate what work was has been done through your sweat and what has been done through AI. In other parts of the world people (writers exactly) have been demonstrating as their jobs are now being done by AI rendering them NO work/income.

As a user, there are several things you can do to maintain ethics and transparency while using web 3. Here are some best practices to keep in mind; be mindful of your personal data, use decentralized platforms, educate yourself about this technology and support open-source projects. If you look at the positive aspect of this technology. One can look at the predictive analytics the system generates. One will be able to see or compare trends much quicker, basically, the need to use it as a more creative tool without compromising the reputation of the brand. However, ask yourself, how can artificially intelligence create value through-out a brands value chain.

If we want to create an eco-system that is safe for us to be in and also be a part of. It also needs to be trusted by consumers. We need to raise questions on established standards. How is it harmful for advertising? How can we improve and create a common brand safety? How do we keep each other’s (brands) to account? There should be verification and oversight happening. For example, in Web 3 one can ask is there privacy and is there security? What are the ethics around it? Basically, the need to champion the use of ethical consumer data, because in the end we have a responsibility to inspire trust in our brands and in our industries. People should also feel safe with hindsight when they engage with these platforms.

Web 3 is a whole topic on it’s on, if you get the time, I would advise you to read about it because as a marketer it influences your everyday usage.

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