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Duchess of Sussex criticises ‘over-sexualised’ caricatures of Asian women in film

‘The mystery and exoticism is part of it’

She discussed the impact of “unconscious bias” which she said could come from headlines even if you did not read the story.

Ms Cho said the Dragon Lady trope was similar to the femme fatale, in that it portrayed women who were both beautiful and deadly.

“It is so pinned to this idea that Asianness is an inherent threat, that our foreignness is somehow gonna get you,” she said. 

“The mystery and the exoticism of it is part of it. And unfortunately that trope has really stuck to film but also to Asian women.”

A colleague drew slanted eyes over my picture, reveals Lisa Ling

Journalist Lisa Ling described what happened when she was named hot reporter in the Rolling Stone’s Hot List when she was a broadcaster at Channel One. 

“Someone at my place of work cut out that article, drew slanted eyes over the eyes and wrote ‘yeah, right’ and then put it back in my mailbox,” she said.

“It was like every kernel of excitement that I possessed just withered away. It was so devastating that someone that I would see every day in my place of work where we’re supposed to feel comfortable, just harboured those feelings about me and had the nerve to make it racial.”

The Duchess urged her listeners to be their “best and true self.”

She ended the episode with the words: “You want to be weird or be sponge-like, be silly or fierce, be curious, or even self doubting or unsure some days and strong and brave on others. Whatever it is, that’s up to you.

“Just be yourself no matter what any societal framework or archetype or loud voice coming from a small place tells you that you should be. Be yourself. your full complete whole layered, sometimes weird, sometimes awesome, but always best and true self. Just be you. You’re so much greater than any archetype.”

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