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Eiffelding and He Xiaoke will become the U20 national football duo, we aim at the U20 Asian Cup champion_Competition_warm-up match_goals

Original title: Eiffelding and He Xiaoke will become the U20 national football duo, we aim at the U20 Asian Cup champion

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Under the leadership of Antonio and Shao Jiayi, the current U20 national server is training in the UAE. Before the Spring Festival, there were two warm-up matches with the UAE U20 men’s football team. In the Year of the Rabbit, it was a warm-up match with the Oman U20 men’s football team. In three games, the Chinese team drew two and lost one. But the score difference is all in one goal. Overall an excellent performance. We practiced the tactical lineup arranged by the coaching staff well through the warm-up match and inspected the players. Among them, Effilding’s performance is very good.

You must know that among this group of U20 national football players, He Xiaoke is actually the most outstanding. However, He Xiaoke is still studying abroad for training, and has not followed this group of U20 national football teams for training. He Xiaoke previously followed the Sabadell U19A team and scored 9 goals in one season, which was very outstanding. He is also the group of players who led the players in the 04 age group to rush into the main match of the Asian Minor Championship. Now our U20 national football team is based on a small number of outstanding players in the 04 age group, and the overall strength of the 03 age group players has been added. He continued to be coached by Antonio, who is very experienced in understanding the tactical lineup and competing in intercontinental competitions.

He Xiaoke

Let’s take a look at the three warm-up matches held by the U20 national football team overseas. The first game was a match with the UAE U20 men’s football team. Although it was a 1-1 draw at the time, it was Effelding who scored the goal with a penalty kick. The goal scored by the opponent also depends on the penalty kick. It can be said that the strength of the two sides is evenly matched. In the second round with the UAE team, when we were sent off by a red card in the first half, we used 10 people to face the opponent’s 11 people. In this case, we can still play the tactical lineup very smoothly and do a good job defensively. He also spared no effort to launch a counterattack to break through the opponent’s defense.

Although we lost 0-1 to the UAE in the second round, we are not ashamed to lose. Moreover, we are not all the main players on the field. The essence of the warm-up match is to practice the tactical lineup and understand the strength of the opponent. In the third game against Oman, the two sides played evenly. But obviously we have a better chance of winning. Because our offense caused the opponent to make a mistake in defense, we won a penalty. It is a pity that Mai Wulang did not score the penalty kick. We just drew 1-1. And Eiffelding scored the goal.

In our two rounds with the UAE and the warm-up match with Oman, the Chinese team scored a total of two goals. Both were scored by Eiffelding. This also fully shows that its game reading ability is very strong. If He Xiaoke’s overseas players can be added to the team, then He Xiaoke and Eiffelding will form the double halberd of the Chinese U20 men’s football team. It is very hopeful that we will win Japan and Saudi Arabia in the group stage. As long as the group qualify, we have the confidence and ability to conquer any team in Asia. We aim at the U20 Asian Cup champion.

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