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Essential blockchain competencies for freshers and how a fresher training program can make them project ready 

By Priya Prabhu

The enterprise applications of blockchain are incredible. From music labels to aviation companies, every industry is creatively coming up with interesting use cases with blockchain and it’s no doubt that such creative deployments are laying the foundation for what would be an inevitable future for blockchain tomorrow. And this is despite the hiatus of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

To bring in some perspectives through numbers, let’s understand that the global blockchain market will be valued at around $1.4bn by 2030. If this sounds too far, 55% of the applications in healthcare will be powered by blockchain by 2025. When it comes to manufacturing units or enterprises in the service sectors, the scope just multiplies by manifold through use cases such as smart contracts, tokenization for seamless documents processing, fleet management, optimized data integrity in companies and more. 

With such powerful visions in place for enterprises, what is equally inevitable is the presence of a strong fresher workforce. When it comes to working with blockchain and its allied technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Data analytics, and more, the competencies of your enterprise workforce must be powerful across all hierarchies, especially at the entry level. Only then can a business transition from a market participant to a game-changer to ultimately a pioneer.  

If such ambitions are on the cards for your enterprise and you’re looking to deploy a competent fresher workforce, here are some core competencies you should focus on. 


With more data generation touchpoints, it’s becoming increasingly convenient for hackers and attackers to explore probable network and system vulnerabilities and extract data and sensitive information. In 2022 alone, over 493mn ransomware attacks were reported. With compliances like GDPR having become mandates for companies to adhere to and regulations on AI in discussions, cybersecurity can no longer be an ancillary aspect.  

You need to have an able fresher workforce capable of complementing your experienced folks not just tackle attacks but mitigate them as well. A tailored program on cybersecurity with outcomes tied back to blockchain will be ideal to get started with.  

High-level Programming Languages 

Every tech concept requires a foundational language for development and deployment and blockchain is no exception. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – was developed using C++. So, mastery over a solid blockchain-specific programming language such as Solidity, Java, Python, or others are fundamentally required. Expertise in programming languages will allow your workforce to develop smart contracts and proprietary enterprise blockchain software. An outcome-based training program that emphasizes practical experience over theoretical exposure is highly recommended.  


Some of the world’s safest banks and blockchain have one thing in common – powerful encryption. Blockchain is practically immutable and tamper-proof and that’s exactly why it holds an undisputed spot in the emerging technologies space. So, security principles and cryptography become crucial skills your workforce needs to develop. If you run a mammoth enterprise that requires at-scale deployments of platforms and processes, cryptography and features like permission and authority sharing become key. A skilled fresher workforce would be better able to complement the development process.  

Apart from these, your youngest talent pool can also inculcate skills on cloud computing, data structures, and blockchain architecture. The key to deploying an impeccable workforce starts with identifying skill gaps and aligning them to your goals. Get started with that, perform a 270-degree assessment, and have a solid workforce in your enterprise that showcases phenomenal expertise over blockchain. 

The author is senior principal – emerging technologies, UNext Learning

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