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Expedition X Season 6 Episode 7: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Discovery’s documentary series, Expedition X Season 6, will be coming out with Episode 7 this week. Jess and Phil will be exploring an infamous supernatural hub in Utah this time. Last week’s Hellfire Club expedition brought to light some of the most spine-chilling activities that the secret club was a part of. 

Airing on Discovery since February 2020, Expedition X is a documentary that features everything about the unknown, ranging from UFOs to ghosts. Josh Gates, Jessica Chobot, and Phil Torres are always ready to explore anything that reeks of paranormal stuff.

While Josh is the main brains behind finding out about unknown myths and legends, it’s Phil and Jessica who head over to places all over the world to carry out the exciting yet unsettling explorations. 

With the 6th season of Expedition X airing since August of this year, the brave explorers have managed to show places like a haunted mental hospital in Detroit, a swamp in New Orleans with a monster inhabiting it, and even a place that’s known to be the home to witches in Mexico. 

Expedition X Season 6 Episode 6: Recap

In Episode 6 of Expedition X season 6, Phil and Jess had one of the creepiest times of their life while in the UK. For this episode, the location Phil and Jess were exploring was the secret hideout/meeting area of the 18th-century society, the Hellfire Club.

The Hellfire Club Lodge in Dublin (Credits: Discovery)

Infamous for its Satan-worshipping practices, the Hellfire Club was one of the most well-known secret societies back in the 18th Century. Their main meeting place was located in Dublin, and Sinead Houlihan, who was already familiar with the paranormal experiences there, was the one to guide Phil and Jess to the lodge. 

Just as Phil and Jess were exploring the upper floors of the hunting lodge, they were disturbed by a sudden metal clinking sound. What made this Dublin lodge so scary was the fact that the Hellfire Club was filled with blasphemy and even sacrificed an innocent maid for the devil. 

Phil later heads down to prep the fog machine, which would help him visualize the wind inside the lodge. Meanwhile, Jess sets up an IR Camera and a REM-POD. She tries to talk to any spirits that could be in the room with her using the REM-POD, and it does seem to detect an unknown presence.

The next morning, Jess and Phil head back to Dublin to learn more about this creepy Hellfire club through expert David Ryan. David lets them know about a place in England that was also supposedly a branch of the Hellfire Club.

They then head over to the Dashwood mausoleum in England, as it belonged to one of the members of the Hellfire Club. Below this mausoleum lay the Hellfire cave, which was where the main rituals used to take place. Both Phil and Jess feel uneasy the whole time they’re within these hidden, dark, and cold pathways.

Expedition X Season 6 Episode 7: Release Date, Preview & Where To WatchPhil and Jess Head Over to the UK (Credits: Discovery)

Expedition X Season 6 Episode 7: Release Date

Episode 7 of Expedition X Season 6 will be released on September 13, 2023. All new intriguing episodes of Expedition X come out on Wednesdays, with each episode having a run time of 45-50 minutes.

Expedition X Season 6: Preview

Expedition X Season 6 Episode 7: Spoilers

In the upcoming episode of Expedition X, we’ll be seeing Phil and Jess head over to Utah, where they’ll be investigating the creepy Uintah Basin, a place that’s supposedly filled with all kinds of paranormal occurrences, UFO Sightings, and the scariest of all, Skinwalker sightings. 

Expedition X Season 6 Episode 7: Where To Watch?

Discovery takes up the airing for Expedition X, and new episodes of this documentary series are aired at 9:00 pm ET & 8:00 pm CT for viewers from the US. On-demand streaming of Expedition X is possible through Discovery Plus, YouTube TV, and Prime Video.

Canadian viewers can watch Expedition X on CTV. The timing of the release of new episodes in other places will be:

  • United Kingdom: 2:00 am, Thursday, September 14th, 2023.
  • Australia: 11:00 am, Thursday, September 14th, 2023.
  • India: 6:30 am, Thursday, September 14th, 2023.
  • Germany: 3:00 am, Thursday, September 14th, 2023.
  • Philippines: 9:00 am, Thursday, September 14th, 2023.
  • Canada: 9:00 pm, Wednesday, September 13th, 2023.

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