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Fall Film Festival off to another fine start | Abington Journal

The applause at the end of the Fall Film Festival Opening Night movie “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” said it all.

Our Oktoberfest Opening Night Gala received its stamp of approval. The mood was festive, the specialties from Tunkhannock’s fine restaurants (Tioga Bistro, Ma Greenley’s BBQ, Twigs Café, the Fireplace, Samario’s Pizza and T & C Grille/bakery 420) were scrumptious, and the wine and beer from Nimble Hill and our own favorite sodas made the evening especially satisfying. It was truly a time to forget any worries and cares for a few hours. Thank you to all who provided a taste of Tunkhannock and thank you to our amazing staff and volunteers because they make the hard work of setting up and serving look like fun.

I just read that “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris,” published in 1958, is the first of a series of books by Paul Gallico about a cleaning woman in England and her desire to go to Paris to purchase a Dior dress. How she ends up achieving her goal and actually changing the future of the House of Dior makes for a wonderful romp, a modern day fairy tale. A perfect tale for a movie!

It has been a tradition of mine and my friends who have been part of the Dietrich history for the last 24 years to try to see the very first film of the three-week festival the very next day. This year the film we chose was “Tutankhamen: The Last Exhibition.” I had to see it because I remember so well my determination in 1977 to take my 3 children to see the well publicized exhibit in Chicago. They were ages 7, 10 and 12 at the time. After I saw the new movie I texted them all to find out if they remembered going to it the day after school ended for the summer. It pleases me so much that they all remember it well. Even my youngest child, Andy, remembers the gold sarcophagus! He also remembers the crowds who came to the exhibit. I am sure most of you are too young to have had this experience, but now you can learn all about it.

Another movie I recommend is “Mr. Malcolm’s List,” a Regency era tale, told in the enlightened way of Bridgerton, another drama series based on novels. The conscious colorblind casting makes both interpretations more intriguing, making inclusivity the norm and natural. Just as important are the intriguing twists and turns in “Mr. Malcolm’s List,” along with the gorgeous settings and costumes, a beautiful feast for the eyes.

I have been anticipating the chance to see the movie “Hallelujah,” the story of Leonard Cohen’s song that took on a life of its own. After I saw the movie, I have tried to think of any other song that has had as much impact around the world as this one. It was first rejected by Columbia Records, then took wings with Jeff Buckley’s interpretation, and now is a hymn with all kinds of power and meaning. When my son was in college, he introduced me to it and now I think I am going to have the chance to see the movie again, this time with him. Another movie I strongly recommend. There are many opportunities for you to see all of the Fall Film Festival movies through Thursday, Oct. 13; visit www.dietrichtheater.com for showtimes.

If you read this in time, remember that Classical Guitarist, Jay Steveskey, returns to the Dietrich on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 3 p.m. This is a free concert sponsored by John Keker in memory of Jessie Reppy Keker. Spanish Guitar and the New World is the name of the concert. Please join us for a very special afternoon with master guitarist Jay Steveskey. Free tickets available at the door.

Finally, we have another sneak preview event coming up the very next Sunday, Oct. 9 at 3 p.m. Chris Norton and our friends at WVIA bring us a preview of Magpie Murders, a six-part series due to begin on WVIA on Oct. 16. A mystery author dies under suspicious circumstances. What happened to him? You are invited to come to this free preview to whet your appetite for intriguing viewing about to unfold. Chris Norton always makes it fun!

Is it movies, music, classes, preview events or exhibits that will bring you to the Dietrich? They are all here and you are invited.

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