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First Affiliate NFT Marketplace Allowing Sellers to Set Referral Fees and Shifting Marketing Costs Post-Sale

SokuNFT introduces Affiliate Marketing into the NFT ecosystem, opening new revenue avenues.

Now normal people can make 4% on a $100K NFT right from their home. No need for a degree. No certification needed. We’re changing the game, the NFT game and the Affiliate game.”

— Founder – Ryan White

CASPER, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is currently undergoing a significant transformation, reshaping conventional notions of digital ownership and value. NFTs have surged in popularity, influencing a broad spectrum of industries, including art, collectibles, music, and gaming. Amid this digital evolution, a notable innovation poised to further reshape the NFT landscape is the Affiliate NFT Marketplace.

SokuNFT, a prominent entity in the NFT ecosystem, was founded with the vision to redefine digital asset ownership and commerce. While NFT marketplaces experienced exponential growth, there remained unexplored terrain – integrating affiliate marketing seamlessly into the NFT realm. The inception of SokuNFT marked a significant development. It was driven by the vision to empower users not just as NFT owners but as participants in the earning process. This vision led to the creation of the world’s first Affiliate NFT Marketplace.

How It Operates:

1. NFT Sellers Set Referral Fees: Unlike traditional NFT marketplaces, SokuNFT empowers NFT sellers to determine referral fees for each NFT listing. This allows a portion of the sale to go to the affiliate who brought the buyer. Sellers have the flexibility to set referral fees, typically ranging from 3% to 20% or more.

2. Creators, Influencers, and Affiliates: SokuNFT welcomes anyone to become an affiliate. Affiliates promote NFTs listed on the platform and earn referral fees for facilitating sales.

3. Buyers Benefit: Buyers are integral to the process. When purchasing an NFT, they can see the associated referral fee. This transparency encourages engagement with affiliates, as buyers are aware that their purchases support creators and affiliates.

To illustrate the earning potential, consider this example: an individual promotes an NFT listed at $100,000 with a 10% referral fee. If the NFT sells, the promoter earns a remarkable $10,000 in commission.

Empowering Creators and Artists:

• A New Revenue Stream: For creators and artists, the Affiliate NFT Marketplace represents an additional revenue stream. They can earn referral fees on top of their primary NFT sales, providing a sustainable source of income.

• Inclusivity: The platform promotes inclusivity, enabling aspiring artists and content creators to monetize their work and build their audience.

Transforming Affiliates:

• Accessible Income: Affiliates can generate substantial earnings through the Affiliate NFT Marketplace without requiring formal education, certification, or significant upfront investment.

• Unlimited Potential: Earnings are uncapped, allowing affiliates to potentially earn as much as professionals in traditional industries like real estate or car sales, all from the comfort of their homes.

Why SokuNFT Stands Out

In contrast to conventional affiliate NFT platforms, where affiliates are primarily rewarded for driving traffic to the platform itself, SokuNFT takes a more versatile approach. Here, NFT sellers have the autonomy to assign distinct referral percentages to each of their listed NFTs, thereby incentivizing promoters to actively market specific digital assets. This level of customization represents a significant departure from the one-size-fits-all referral fee models typically seen in the NFT affiliate marketing sphere, positioning SokuNFT at the forefront of innovation in this burgeoning industry.

Creators and sellers of NFTs can harness the innovative affiliate system offered by SokuNFT to elevate their sales and extend their reach. By implementing customizable referral fees, they can create a strong incentive for promoters to actively market their NFTs, potentially attracting a larger audience to their listings. What sets SokuNFT apart is that this affiliate system eliminates the need for upfront marketing expenses, which have historically posed a challenge for many projects in the NFT space. Instead, marketing costs are seamlessly integrated into the sale process, effectively postponing the financial burden of marketing until after the sale is completed. This fundamental shift not only reduces barriers to entry but also contributes to the platform’s overall appeal by allowing NFT creators and sellers to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Unlike many other affiliate marketing sectors, where earnings can vary considerably, NFTs offer substantial commissions with high-profit margins. Whether they cater to a specialized or broad audience, affiliate marketers now have the opportunity to amass significant wealth. As these affiliates facilitate successful NFT transactions, they not only witness the growth of their earnings but also contribute significantly to the widespread adoption of NFTs. This innovative opportunity presents affiliate marketers with the prospect of achieving remarkable financial returns, surpassing the earning potential seen in many traditional industries.

NFT enthusiasts, known for their interest in collecting and trading digital assets, have found an intriguing opportunity at SokuNFT. Beyond indulging in their passion for NFTs, they can now explore the field of affiliate marketing on the platform. This avenue allows them to monetize their hobby by sharing their preferred NFTs with a wider audience, potentially earning commissions in the process. These commissions, in turn, can be reinvested into their ongoing pursuit of acquiring NFTs, creating a symbiotic relationship between their passion and their potential earnings.

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