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Flamingos Spotted Early At Malharsagar Dam Near Jejuri, A Delight for Bird Enthusiasts – Pune Media

Jejuri, 10th September 2023: A rare sight has enthralled birdwatchers and visitors alike, as flamingos have made an early appearance at Malharsagar Dam, also known as Nazre Dam, situated on the Karha River near Jejuri, Pune district.


These elegant flamingos typically undertake an arduous journey from Mongolia in the European continent during the regular winter season. However, this year, these magnificent birds have graced the waters of Malharsagar Dam earlier than expected, and they are sharing their newfound habitat with other remarkable avian species such as the spoonbill, Chitrabalkan, and blue-footed stork.


Remarkably, these birds have chosen to migrate to this dam despite its considerably reduced water levels, primarily due to persistent drought conditions. Historically, more than seventy flamingos have been observed here. However, the ongoing drought has significantly diminished the water reserves in the Jejuri Dam, sparking discussions among locals about how long these magnificent birds will grace the dam with their presence.


The current scenario suggests that, in the absence of rainfall, these birds may be compelled to seek alternative reservoirs. Their extensive migration routes include Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, as well as regions in Rajasthan and Gujarat, India.


Annually, these striking birds are known to visit the Ujani Dam area and Mumbai. Nevertheless, residents and bird enthusiasts are thrilled to witness their early arrival, marking the first recorded sighting of flamingos in the Jejuri Malharsagar Dam area.

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