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Home décor tips to keep pollution at bay this festive season

Indian festive season is the time of the year to give your home a new and rejuvenated look. The renewed energy stays a long time and adds to the positive vibe of the place. We do our best to refurbish or renovate parts of our living space every year and bring the best out of it, either through a new paint job, adding new furnishing, re-doing the upholstery or by lighting it up. However, it is also very important to keep the house pollution-free.

With the onset of winter around the corner, the level of pollutants and dust-particles is expected to go high, like every year. Following the trends of previous years, smog is expected to engulf parts of northern India around the month of November. In such a scenario, it is very important to ensure that our houses stay pollution and dust free.

Here are some home-décor tips for a clean and pollution-free living space:


The very first step in the direction of re-doing or re-decorating the house is cleaning the home thoroughly. The foremost activity is to make the house free from dust and polluting particles. However, a very common mistake made during house cleaning is blowing dry dust and dirt out of the house, which contributes to the air pollution of the vicinity. We can do our bit to save the environment and opt for eco-friendly methods of house cleaning. Washing dirty places with water and detergent, rather than dry-dusting is recommended. In places where water cannot be used, it is advised to use a vacuum cleaner. It is also recommended to hire professional cleaners for upholstery, bathrooms and kitchen.

Choosing low VOC products

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is chemical compounds present in various building materials such as paint, cement, adhesives, primer, furnishings, and PVC components that evaporate into the surrounding environment in due course of time and cause health problems such as respiratory issues, headaches, lack of concentration, fatigue and other allergic reactions. Various manufacturers are promoting non-VOC products and tagging them as non-toxic or ‘safe for environment’.

Keep a check on moisture and smoke

When it comes to pollution, smoke and moisture are two very crucial factors. Make sure the house is well-ventilated and the kitchen has a chimney installed. If you use incense sticks or similar products, ensure that you place it where the smoke is not entrapped. Moisture plays a spoil sport when it comes to maintaining your house. It not only contributes towards bad odour, but also invites several respiratory disorders, apart from ruining the house’s paint-job.

Last, but not the least, plants!

Plants are an evergreen solution to uplift the overall feel of your home. Indoor plants are not only very attractive, but they also help in cleaning the air and keeping the pollution at bay. Place some cool plants at various places across your home and uplift your mood!

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