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In Guinness record attempt, Pune women create mosaic image using sanitary pads to promote menstrual hygiene

Eight women from Pune attempted a Guinness world record by making a mosaic image using 4,560 biodegradable sanitary pads to create awareness of menstrual health and sustainable period products at Nagar Road Sunday.

Volunteers of Humjoli Foundation, the women took 1 hour 15 minutes to create the mosaic design measuring 33.3 ft x 20 ft (61.3 sq mt). It depicted a menstrual cup, tampon, reusable cloth pad and a sanitary pad.

These women, who were volunteers of Humjoli Foundation, took 1 hour 15 minutes to create a mosaic design measuring 33.3 ft x 20 ft (61.3 sq. mt). (Express Photo)

The purpose of the creation was to raise awareness about sustainable and environment-friendly period products, destigmatise menstruation and initiate a taboo-free conversation around menstruation. A huge gathering saw the making of this huge mosaic image as it was free for visitors.

Founder and director of Humjoli Foundation Dr Sania Siddiqui said: “Menstruation is a hush-hush topic in our homes. Girls and women shy away and are even discouraged to talk about it openly. This leads to a lack of information and awareness about several aspects of this normal and vital functioning of a woman’s life. This often can lead to menstrual disorders among young girls and women. That is the reason why normalising period talk is important and much needed.”

Abhishek Sharma, regional head of Kutumbh Care Foundation, another organisation which supported the cause, said: “We attempted this world record to create noise and normalise the conversation around this topic. Most women, even in the urban setup, are not aware of the availability of sustainable period products such as menstrual cups, period panties, reusable cloth pads and biodegradable tampons and sanitary pads. With such initiatives and events, we aim to create awareness and promote usage of environment-friendly period products.”

The slogan ‘Bleed Red, Go Green’ written along with the mosaic image reinforced the theme of the attempt.

The women said they would distribute for free all the sanitary pads used in the event among economically challenged women.

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