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What role can blockchain play in the business sector?

Speaking about the role of blockchain in the business sector, Alexander Szul, co-founder, Benqi and Rome Blockchain Labs said that the global music industry had about a 27billion USD in revenue. Of that artists kept 10-15 % of the records. We can use blockchain and Artificial intelligence (AI) and can create a decentralised music marketplace.

Web3.0 blockchain technology in Education

Over 6.6 billion people have mobile accessibility. However, 66% of children receive a secondary education. The ‘structural educational system’ and uploading it to a blockchain system can come as a savior. Connecting it to the student identification section attached to the government records, the AI system can analyze their performance in their education, Alexander Szul, co-founder, Benqi and Rome Blockchain Labs, said.

Is the introduction of CBDC the end of the road for multiple exchanges?

“In my opinion, there is no correlation between the CBDC and cryptocurrency. CBDC is a mandate of the government. It will take time for CBDC to create an impact,” Vikram R Singh, CEO, Antier Solutions, said.

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