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India Gate’s #ExperimentsWithBasmati campaign effectively highlights the versatility of basmati rice in South Indian cuisine


The brand launched a 360-degree campaign using platforms like Meta, YouTube, News, community building, and influencer campaigns. The overall duration of the campaign was 60 days.

Digital TVC

India Gate released its TVCs on digital platforms in vernacular languages like Tamil and Kannada. 

Influencer campaign

The brand collaborated with influencers to share their recipes made with India Gate Basmati rice and featured them on Instagram. The influencers further challenged more users to try sharing their own variations of traditional recipes.

Social media contest 

It announced a campaign encouraging consumers in the South to cook traditional recipes that go beyond Biryani through its #ExperimentsWithBasmati contest. This encouraged participants to share their recipes as the brand featured the winners alongside their recipes on social media platforms. 

In-cinema advertising

In an endeavor to establish a more direct connection with our audience, India Gate initiated an interesting experiment in Bangalore. Amidst the anticipation of the movie Jailer, an unconventional ad unfolded before the audience. This wasn’t just any ad; it was a direct conversation with the audience.

This interactive ad went beyond the conventional by providing the audience with a literal taste of the versatility of Basmati rice in South Indian cuisine. It was a unique and engaging way to showcase the diverse possibilities that Basmati rice brings to the table, quite literally, during their cinematic experience.

This social experiment sparked conversations and garnered attention both on and off the screen as audiences were taken on an unexpected culinary journey. India Gate engaged its audience in a way that transcended the traditional boundaries of cinema.


Quantitative – India Gate reached 13 million users, achieving four million contest engagements for the South Contest. Additionally, the Social Experiment campaign garnered 20 million views and received over 7,800 engagements, making it go viral across meme pages and digital media.

Qualitative – Through this campaign, the brand attempted to take Basmati Beyond Biryani by educating the South Indian consumer about the diverse suitability of basmati rice to far more food options and garnered conversation as they tried the recipes for themselves.

Mitika Malhotra, Digital Lead, KRBL Ltd. “In the vibrant regions of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, basmati rice has been steadily gaining popularity, following the trend set in the North. South India, where packaged basmati rice takes centre stage, India Gate leads the way with an impressive 70% market share, providing a strong foundation for our growth. With its unique charm and contemporary appeal, basmati rice has captured the imagination of the South. While it traditionally shines in biryani, our campaign aims to celebrate its versatility and inspire a diverse audience to embrace basmati rice as an exciting ingredient for their daily culinary adventures.”

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