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India Launches 5G: What do industry experts say?

India launched Fifth Generation (5G) technology with aplomb. While we are late to the party, it is better to show up and not. The event was flagged off by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and saw the presence of who’s who of the industry. It is no secret that 5G will have an impact on almost every walk of life. 

Industry experts are all praises about the latest development in technology. For instance Chirag Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Deyor a WhatsApp driven travel platform says, “Fast and reliable internet is the most significant currency in the tech world today and is just as crucial for the tourism industry. It is essential for customer retention–the new developments in the digital space will allow better guest personalization, enhance access to information, and streamline operations industry-wide. Additionally, it will optimize costs for the entire business. Along with providing increased bandwidth, 5G’s low latency and high density will open space for the use of technology like robotics. For tourism, this is a huge milestone as the age of covid calls for lesser physical contact, and our field is no different. We strongly believe this new era will open up immense possibilities for the travel industry–smart airports, smart hotels, and in the coming years, perhaps an enhanced virtual experience for the user that need not be bound by any physical constraints at all.”

Arvind Kumar, Director General, STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) which is Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeITy) noted, “5G can play a transformational role in the country by enabling faster speed & massive data consumption, accelerating industrial automation through Industry4.0 technologies,  creating enormous economic opportunities across sectors and will make India self-reliant. 5G can and will be a force multiplier for India’s Techade and its rise as a trusted technology partner for the world.”

Lastly, Abhishek Jain, head of research, Arihant Capital Markets said “Sectors like mining, automotive, online education, warehousing, logistics, telemedicine sectors are likely to see benefits from 5G services. There lies a good demand potential in the industrial sectors, as shown by Adani’s bid for 5G data services. 5G services are currently being launched in 13 cities, and the full rollout is expected by Dec 2023. On an overall basis, this launch will help several industries. In terms of connectivity, and reach, 5G will help bolster demand especially in the rural sector. The onset of 4G had shown a rapid growth in the subscriber base from 60 million to ~800 million. With this high penetration in India, the demand for 5G in retail will be boosted by companies such as Reliance offering very affordable phone and subscription plans. With the government’s push to Make in India and the fall in Chinese imports, we expect fresh demand in telecommunication equipment, data cable, modem, routers which should help companies operating in these products.”

5G is set to revolutionise all aspects of the market as well as the day to day life.  It is welcomes by industry veterans with open arms. 

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