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India’s G20 Presidency Has Been Special; Here Are The Achievements to Prove It

India’s presidency of G20 will go down in history as one of the most inclusive, culturally vibrant as well as goal-oriented events that have taken place so far. The event helped showcase India’s push for development, ensuring ease of living through the use of technology and bringing peace to all parts of the country.


The G20 event has held 220+ meetings in 60 cities with 25,000+ delegates from more than 115 countries across the world. The event has stayed true to its message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ as it had the largest participation from the ‘African Union’.


The G20 event hosted by India witnessed a flurry of delivery-based events that took place across various parts of the country. This helped in showcasing India’s inclusive growth across various sectors.

India’s Footprint on G20 Outcomes

•Deccan High-Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition

•Chennai High-Level Principles for Blue/Ocean Economy

•Goa Roadmap for Tourism

•Gandhinagar Implementation Roadmap for land restoration.

•Jaipur Call for Action to enhance MSMEs access to information.

•Delhi summit inclusion of African Union as permanent member of G20.

India’s Leadership in a Fragmented World (Message of Unity)

The participation of the African Union highlighted India’s growing message of inclusive growth and providing a voice for all. The G20 event also pushed for prioritising sustainability-based development to reduce the burden and provide a better world for future generations. The push for food security through the promotion of millets and ensuring equitable healthcare for all.

Here are the key achievements:


The G20 event also gave importance to ensuring sustainable development growth to reduce the burden that would be passed on to future generations. To ensure this, climate finance has been set up so that developed countries meet the USD 100 billion goal signaling an ambitious New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) beyond 2025.

Emphasis was given to faster progression of the Sustainability Development Goals. A push for access to data from various countries would help in devising tailor-made solutions was proposed.


The G20 event pushed for inclusive participation of girls in the education sector and women in the workforce. India showcased the various steps taken to ensure the provision of women-oriented healthcare and an increase in opportunities for women through access to bank accounts. India also showcased increased participation of women in STEM.


India showcased how technology can be used for ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’. The increased access to technology helped in creating better transparency but also helped in ensuring the deliverance of welfare to the last mile. The digital economy helped create new job opportunities and uplift people from multidimensional poverty. Cheap data along with indigenously developed technology platforms has helped in propelling India to new heights.


The G20 event helped in showcasing India’s ambition of achieving goals that were once thought impossible. The following frameworks evolved:

•MDB reforms: Strengthen, Evolve, Raise ambition of MDBs; Expert Group Report (Vol I)

•Crypto Assets Roadmap; IMF-FSB Synthesis Paper

•G20 commitment to Common Framework for Debt Treatment beyond DSSI

•IMF quota review (December 2023)

•Multilateral reform – UNGA 75/1 (UNSC) reference

•Condemning and countering terrorism


PM Modi has called for the implementation of the following:

•Adoption of principles of LiFE

• Using technology for governance

•Access to quality healthcare equitably

•Promotion of millets ensuring food security

•Reducing land degradation,

•Skilling of youth to future-proof them

•Increased inclusive participation in the labour force

•Women’s empowerment

•Building of disaster-resilient infrastructure


The G20 event also witnessed the push for the promotion of the startup ecosystem across the world and the use of alternate fuels to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Discussion of alternate fuels such as hydrogen, ethanol blending, and faster adoption of renewable energy to ensure sustainable growth to support nations’ energy demands were discussed.

India has showcased one of the most inclusive G20 events with the participation of the African Union, keeping in line with leaving no one behind.

The display of technology to bring transparency and accountability in governance while ensuring participation and delivery of welfare to the last mile showcased Democracy as well as the well-being of all. India’s G20 presidency outlined solutions tailored for women across education, entrepreneurship, technology, finance, and beyond.


Compared to previous presidencies, the G20 summit witnessed one of the most inclusive and delivery-oriented events. India was able to bring out 91 lines of effort and presidency documents which is more than the previous G20 presidencies till 2017.

• 73 outcomes (lines of effort) and 39 annexed documents (presidency documents, not including Working Group outcome documents).

• With 112 outcomes and presidency documents, Bharat has more than doubled the substantive work from previous presidencies.

• 2x-5x number of outcomes and annexed documents as compared to previous presidencies.

The Indian presidency of the G20 has been the most ambitious and action-oriented in all of the G20 presidencies.


The G20 event in India showcased India’s resilience, and path for development whilst ensuring the welfare of citizens equitably. Easy access to welfare, providing affordable and quality healthcare. The increase in social security by provision of homes for the homeless, banking the unbanked, and giving access to clean drinking water and toilets, have piqued the interest of countries that have participated, as it showcased the scale and speed with which it was delivered.

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