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Indie music artists that you absolutely need to check out

The internet has given so many artists an opportunity to share their art with the world. It is a veritable mine of sounds and voices, which can perhaps express your emotions even better than you can, and make you feel at home right where you are. We take a look at the best of international and desi music artists, and find some underrated gems for you to savour and get addicted to. 

Quinn XCII


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Quinn XCII is one of the most underrated artists on our radar. Born and bred in Grosse Point, Michigan, Mikael (his real name) started to make music at a very young age. Soon enough his song ‘Kings of summer’ with an artist called ayokay blew up, and he was signed by Columbia Records. Today, Mikael has amassed a very large devoted fanbase in the United States. His music’s vibe ranges from fun and playful to soulful and comforting. ‘Stacy’ and ‘Doris Terrace’ are songs by him that you absolutely should listen to. 

Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker is a very loved indie artist from the United States, though still very underrated in India. With hits like ‘come thru’ and ‘therapist’ to his belt, Jeremy has an incredibly unique style and sensibility with his music. Also highly regarded for his voice, Jeremy is destined to be a fan favourite. 

Chelsea Cutler


Chelsea Cutler is known for her powerful voice and unique music composition. Cutler writes and produces most of her own music, and has gained a lot of momentum, especially in the United States. Her songs ‘Sad Tonight’ and ‘Your Shirt’ get a lot of her fans up and screaming the lyrics at the top of their voices. Cutler is also very active on social media and is known to candidly interact with her fans. 

Anumita Nadesan

Anumita Nadesan first took the internet by storm by creating phenomenal covers of famous songs. She then rose to prominence because of her dreamy single ‘Khwaab’. This soft, heartfelt song gained a lot of traction because of its melody and otherworldly vibe. Anumita’s voice is also regarded as a delight and is savoured by her fans all over India and the world.


ayokay rose to prominence with Quinn XCII, and the two often work together and collaborate on different projects. ayokay’s songs like ‘Sleepless nights’ and ‘I still need you’ have garnered a lot of attention.
His latest album, ‘Digital Dreamscape’ has a dreamy, electronic sound and is a treat for anyone that enjoys indie pop. 

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