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Leon Gallery Auction sells its first NFT with Scarletbox


November 5, 2022 | 11:17am

MANILA, Philippines – Leon Gallery, the largest art auction house in the country, recently sold its first ever NFT, marking the beginning of the acceptance of NFTs in the traditional art market. The successful sale is from the collection of Scarletbox with its Joya x Baldovino NFT at a recently held online auction by Leon Gallery from October 21-23 where it was sold for P122,640 (inclusive of buyer’s premium).

Scarletbox released a One-on-One Joya x Baldovino NFT (Artwork #105) from its treasury for the auction. Leon Gallery has had success in its auctions of traditional fine arts, contemporary art and antiques in the last 12 years.

A blue chip fine arts NFT launchpad, Scarletbox wanted to give a chance to traditional collectors to partake in this special collection of beautiful National Artists’ work through NFTs.

“None of the current Scarletbox NFT collectors are selling in the secondary market, all are keeping their Founder’s NFTs (Joya x Baldovino and Imao x Imao),” said Scarletbox founder Sheree Gotuaco.
This winning bid got Artwork #105, this was chosen by Andre Baldovino and is considered as one of the masterpieces that are part of this collection. Joya’s black and white painting is fused together with Baldovino’s blue and turquoise work. The animation of this piece is reminiscent of how light folds when they hit water. Truly one of a kind with two Joya generations in one work.

Scarletbox launched its Founder’s NFT (first release) a few months ago featuring the works of National Artist Jose Joya and Abdulmari Imao, together with a collaboration with their second generation of artists Andre Baldovino and Toym Imao, respectively. This collaboration of the two generations of artists resulted to beautiful visual stories with added animation and music.

Andre Baldovino chose top works of Jose Joya and layered over his own abstract art in a fluid motion. He used the substractive method to create a beautiful merger of the 2 works. Toym Imao, on the other hand, chose two unfinished works of his father and finished them in his own personal aesthetic, adding color and completion to the Sarimanok, the Philippine’s phoenix rising.

Each Founder’s NFT comes with a Limited Edition Collectible Box. It has a live Digital Frame, a vial with a token from the artist, and a certificate of Authenticity. Truly a premium keepsake for holders of the Founder’s NFTs. For the Leon Gallery auction, NFT Artwork #105 included a signed and framed 12’ x 16” print.

Scarletbox’s next drop is a Tribute to the beloved Cartoonist and National Artist Larry Alcala with a witty and fun PFP (Profile Picture) Collection. Larry Alcala is best known for his weekly Sunday series the Slice of Life which became an anticipated issue every Sunday for all Filipino families where it’s a game to find his hidden profile in his works. He is a true symbol of Pinoy Pop Culture and was also awarded the Grand Collar of the Order of National Artists. 

Various fun and witty characters are extracted from the Slice of Life Series to create PFPs that can be used in one’s social media. Plus there are merchandise drop and perks included in the drop. A special GIFT for all Larry Alcala minters is a Personalized Premium Notebook with a Certificate of Authenticity (one per person).

Larry Alcala’s Collection will start its private sale in the second week of November. For details, visit

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