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LinkedIn Top Startups 2022: The 25 Indian Companies On The Rise – Inventiva

The 2022 LinkedIn Top Startups list reveals 25 emerging Indian companies gaining attention. Backed by unique LinkedIn data measuring different elements of growth and demand, the list reveals companies like CREDupGrad and Zepto that you should be paying attention to. 

India’s startup landscape has evolved to become the third largest in the world, after the U.S. and China. In fact, Indian startups raised over $21 billion between January to August 2022, with one of LinkedIn Top Startups, upGrad, leading the way with a funding of $210 million in Series F funding. And this robust startup ecosystem is key to India realising its dream of becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2025.

Starting and growing a company has always been tough, but it’s especially tough right now. As the working world navigates widespread inflation and economic uncertainty, it’s getting more challenging for young companies to get investment and grow quickly.

But while it’s a challenging moment, some argue that innovative ideas are born in times of uncertainty. Operating under constrained resources and limited capital can push young companies to prioritise assets and values and adapt quickly.

Our 5th annual LinkedIn Top Startups list is the resource to find the startups to pay attention to right now, featuring 25 Indian companies that are rising to the challenges of the moment and continuing to innovate and gain attention in 2022.

To compile the list, we looked at LinkedIn data across four pillars: employee growth; jobseeker interest; member engagement within the company and its employees; and how well these startups pulled talent from our flagship LinkedIn Top Companies list. (You can learn more about our methodology and eligibility requirements at the bottom of this article.)

This list is ultimately meant to be a resource for jobseekers excited by the opportunity to innovate, solve big problems and grow their skills. If joining a startup is the right fit for you, check out which roles, functions and skills are in demand at each company —  and view the linked LinkedIn Learning courses to study up. If you see a company that sparks your interest, take a look at who you may know and turn on job alerts to stay on top of future opportunities. 

Here are this year’s 25 Top Startups in India


Full-time headcount: 800 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2018 | Most common skills:  Data Science, Leadership, Business Management | Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Business Consultant, Product Analyst | Largest job functions: Engineering, Customer Success and Support, Sales | What you should know: CRED is a member-based credit card rewards app that has gained popularity for its quirky ads. Along with benefits like ElderCare and egg freezing as part of its BeniFlex Program, the company offers employees one-on-one support for mental wellness through their partners.


Full-time headcount: 5,000 | Headquarters: Mumbai | Year founded: 2015 | Most common skills: Business Management, Communication, Sales Operation | Most common job titles: Admissions Officer, Academic Advisor, Business Development Manager | Largest job functions: Education, Business Development, Sales | What you should know: In partnership with numerous universities in India and abroad, upGrad gives professionals and college students the opportunity to upskill while they work. The edtech company recently raised $210 million and remains capital-efficient while growing 100% year-on-year. 


Full-time headcount: 680 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2016 | Most common skills: Development Tools, Web Development, Data Science | Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Product Manager, Business Analyst | Largest job functions: Engineering, Finance, Product Management | What you should know: This online investment platform provides an objective evaluation of various investment opportunities through stocks and mutual funds. With its user-friendly interface, it aims to simplify investment for the masses. 


Full-time headcount: 1,000 | Headquarters: Mumbai | Year founded: 2021 | Most common skills: Business Management, Manufacturing Operations, Data Science | Most common job titles: Shop Manager, Software Engineer, Customer Service Manager | Largest job functions: Operations, Sales, Marketing | What you should know: With a wide selection of groceries, dairy products and more, Zepto delivers orders within 10 minutes. Co-founded by two 19-year-olds, the company’s latest funding round in May has helped it inch closer to unicorn status, with a current valuation of $900 million.

Skyroot Aerospace

Full-time headcount: 200 | Headquarters: Hyderabad | Year founded: 2018 | Most common skills: Aerospace Engineering, Machining, Scientific Computing | Most common job titles: Propulsion Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer | Largest job functions: Engineering, Quality Assurance, Business Development | What you should know: Founded by engineers and former ISRO scientists, Skyroot Aerospace builds technologies for responsive, reliable and economic access to space. The spacetech company is currently working on its Vikram series of rockets which will help carry small satellites into space.

MBA Chaiwala

Full-time headcount: 100* | Headquarters: Ahmedabad | Year founded: 2016 | Most common skills: Business Management, Communication, Project Management | Most common job title: Copywriter | Largest job functions: Marketing, Sales, Operations | What you should know: This chain of tea-serving cafes gained popularity because of the background of its unconventional founder. Founded by an ex-McDonald’s server, who is a son of a farmer and an MBA aspirant, MBA Chai Wala turned a small “thela” into a multiple franchises-strong business spread across over 100 Indian cities. 


Full-time headcount: 5,000 | Headquarters: Gurugram | Year founded: 2015 | Most common skills: Business Management, Data Science, Development Tools | Most common job titles: Business Operations Analyst, Business Development Officer, Sales Analyst | Largest job functions: Operations, Sales, Business Development | What you should know: Spinny is a marketplace for pre-owned cars that aims to make the process of buying and selling cars transparent and seamless. As it expands, the company is looking to hire up to 2,500 people from tier 2 and 3 cities. 

The Good Glamm Group

Full-time headcount: 3,500 | Headquarters: Pune | Year founded: 2017 | Most common skills: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Business Management | Most common job titles: Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Product Manager | Largest job functions: Marketing, Human Resources, Sales | What you should know: Through the use of social media, this content-to-commerce platform promotes and assists in the sales of various cruelty-free and sustainable beauty and personal care brands. The ‘Good’ in the company’s name emphasises its focus on inclusive beauty and clean beauty products.


Full-time headcount: 110 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2021 | Most common skills: Digital Marketing, Business Management, Communication | Most common job titles: Office Associate, Program Manager | Largest job functions: Marketing, Business Development, Sales | What you should know: GrowthSchool aims to help its students grow both personally and professionally. Pastry chef Pooja Dhingra, Nearbuy co-founder Ankur Warikoo and All Things Small co-founder Devaiah Bopanna are among the mentors on the platform helping individuals advance their careers through debates, discussions, and live Q&As.


Full-time headcount: 270 | Headquarters: Gurugram | Year founded: 2019 | Most common skills: Development Tools, Business Management, Web Development | Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Mobile Application Developer, Customer Service Manager | Largest job functions: Engineering, Operations, Customer Success and Support | What you should know: This all-electric cab service operates a fleet of more than 2,000 electric vehicles, offering customers a greener and more sustainable mode of transportation. They recently added hourly rentals, which allows users to keep the cab while running errands.


Full-time headcount: 2,360 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2015 | Most common skills: Development Tools, Data Science, Web Development  | Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Product Manager, Data Scientist | Largest job functions: Engineering, Operations, Product Management | What you should know: ShareChat (Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd) is a social media company with more than 400 million monthly active users across its platforms ShareChat App and Moj. The company recently partnered with e-commerce enabler Dukaan to enable merchants and creators to collaborate and promote products through video and live content.

Ditto Insurance

Full-time headcount: 150 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2018 | Most common skills: Communication, Business Management, Development Tools | Most common job titles: Insurance Advisor, Customer Service Quality Manager, Financial Advisor | Largest job functions: Sales, Business Development, Finance | What you should know: Ditto provides education and advice for people looking to purchase insurance. The company, which has hired 50% of its existing employees from tier 2 and 3 cities, is looking to hire 100 new employees over the next year. 


Full-time headcount: 470 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2015 | Most common skills: Development Tools, Data Science, Web Development | Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager | Largest job functions: Engineering, Operations, Product Management | What you should know: Simpl is a buy now, pay later app that aims to give consumers and merchants more control over their commerce experience through its mobile-first platform. The company believes in “continuous learning” and provides its employees part sponsorship for any educational programme they want to pursue.


Full-time headcount: 950 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2015 | Most common skills: Development Tools, Data Science, Business Management | Most common job titles: Mechanical Engineer, Software Engineer, Product Manager | Largest job functions: Operations, Information Technology, Product Management | What you should know: Rapido is a bike-taxi service that offers doorstep pickup. The company, which recently launched an auto-service on demand, aims to have 50 million users by the end of the year.


Full-time headcount: 800 | Headquarters: Noida | Year founded: 2018 | Most common skills: Business Management, Communication, Sales Operations | Most common job titles: Business Development Manager, Software Engineer, Customer Experience Manager | Largest job functions: Business Development, Customer Success and Support, Marketing | What you should know: Classplus provides private coaching institutes and creators with a unified platform to manage tasks and reach students and allows them to monetise courses through their own super apps. The company recently made its maiden investment by acquiring a minority stake in Testbook. 


Full-time headcount: 600 | Headquarters: Gurugram | Year founded: 2019 | Most common skills: Business Management, Development Tools, Sales Operations | Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Sales Manager, Product Manager | Largest job functions: Sales, Marketing, Business Development | What you should know: The Park+ app caters to car owners’ daily needs, such as parking, FASTag management, car insurance and more. It recently launched India’s first car listing feature with information on 1,800 models and details on specifications, mileage, interiors and exteriors, and the on-road prices.


Full-time headcount: 120 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2020 | Most common skills: Business Management, Communication, Graphic Design | Most common job titles: Human Resources Generalist, Content Strategist | Largest job functions: Media and Communication, Operations, Customer Success and Support | What you should know: This female-focused clothing brand was founded in 2020. The company specialises in activewear for women in India, with technical apparel designed to meet the needs of all body types. What they look for while hiring? “The spirit of an entrepreneur, rigour of an athlete.” 


Full-time headcount: 1,390* | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2018 | Most common skills: Business Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing Operations | Most common job titles: Customer Service Manager, Category Manager, Warehouse Manager | Largest job functions: Operations, Marketing, Sales | What you should know: DealShare is a social e-commerce platform that delivers home groceries to your doorstep. Working with the local kirana stores and with a user-friendly interface, DealShare has made its mark primarily in tier 2 and 3 cities, which form the majority of its 20 million-strong customer base.


Full-time headcount: 100 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2019 | Most common skills: Development Tools, Advertising, Digital Marketing | Most common job titles: Mobile Application Developer, Software Engineer | Largest job functions: Engineering, Marketing, Media and Communication, Operations | What you should know: Ultrahuman is a fitness platform that helps its users track and improve their diet and exercise with the help of glucose biomarkers and experts. It recently took the smart wearables game to the next level by launching the Ultrahuman Ring  — a smart ring to track metabolic fitness of users in real time.

Living Food

Full-time headcount: 440 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded:  2018 | Most common skills: Business Management, Manufacturing Operations, Communication | Most common job titles: Chef, Copywriter, Graphic Designer | Largest job functions: Research, Marketing, Customer Success and Support | What you should know: With a focus on fresh, clean produce, Living Food delivers a range of locally sourced and freshly made organic goods in recyclable or compostable packaging. Living Food allows its employees to bring their pets to work and also offers the purr-fect guests gourmet meals. 


Full-time headcount: 130 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2019 | Most common skills: Development Tools, Data Science, Business Management | Most common job titles: Engineering Team Lead, Head Of Marketing, Legal Specialist | Largest job functions: Engineering, Marketing, Legal | What you should know: FamPay allows teens to make online and offline payments without a bank account and thereby aims to transition the generation from cash to digital in a secure and seamless way. Last year, FamPay made headlines for raising one of India’s biggest Series A funding rounds. 

Agnikul Cosmos

Full-time headcount: 110 | Headquarters: Chennai | Year founded: 2017 | Most common skills: Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Scientific Computing | Most common job titles: Structural Engineer, Propulsion Engineer, Aerospace Engineer | Largest job functions: Engineering, Operations, Information Technology | What you should know: Based at IIT Madras, this Indian aerospace manufacturer designs, builds, tests and launches rockets powerful enough to propel micro and nanosatellites into the Earth’s orbit. AgniKul Cosmos recently unveiled the country’s first private factory dedicated to building rocket engines in Chennai.

Stanza Living

Full-time headcount: 3,200 | Headquarters: Gurugram | Year founded: 2017 | Most common skills: Business Management, Project Management, Sales Operations | Most common job titles: Property Manager, Customer Service Manager, Sales Manager | Largest job functions: Sales, Operations, Real Estate | What you should know: Stanza Living offers individuals co-living services in fully-furnished apartments along with amenities such as internet, laundry services, housekeeping and even meals. It recently forayed into fully managed apartment space across six cities in India, with fresh investment of $10 million.

Pocket FM

Full-time headcount: 400 | Headquarters: Bengaluru/Gurugram | Year founded: 2018 | Most common skills: Writing, Video, Advertising | Most common job titles: Creative Director, Audio Engineer, Writer | Largest job functions: Media and Communication, Marketing, Engineering | What you should know: This audio streaming app allows you to listen to stories and podcasts across genres and currently has more than 2,00,000 creators and over 15 million monthly active listeners. Pocket FM is aiming to build a remote-first workplace.

Zypp Electric

Full-time headcount: 400 | Headquarters: Gurugram | Year founded: 2017 | Most common skills: Business Management, Data Science, Development Tools | Most common job titles: Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Mobile Application Developer | Largest job functions: Operations, Engineering, Business Development | What you should know: This Gurugram-based startup provides a sustainable delivery method to various e-commerce businesses with their fleet of electric scooters. From an annual retreat to weekly parties, and from musical events to Sports Day, they ensure the fun element remains intact at the workplace.



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