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Love Island Australia Season 5 Episode 24: ‘Nate And Georgia Are Exclusive?’ Release Date & Spoilers

Now that Georgia has seen through a movie night that Nate really is an upstanding man, she is more appreciative of him. I’m sorry, George is still whacking at me. It was the fact that she even put Nate and Trent against each other but then became so flip-floppy.

To me, if you don’t know what decision you’re going to make, then just don’t sell the person a dream. And I felt like she would say whatever would please the person she was with at the time. And to me, that’s some cruel behavior.

Now, through video evidence, she has just seen how much of a good guy Nate has been throughout the season. And now she’s like, “I’m even happier that I made this decision.” Honestly, I’m glad that you are happy you made this decision, and I’m glad that you appreciate who Nate is.

I still hope that Nate finds somebody who’s able to appreciate him first and always. And I hope that Nate starts to appreciate himself too and realize that that is what he needs. If he wants to make it work with Georgia, that’s his business.

I just hope that he realizes he deserves somebody who can see the good in him without doing this whole cat-and-mouse game and whatever. If you are genuinely unsure, take a step back from both people and assess the situation instead of doing whatever the hell you were doing.


Before diving into Love Island Australia Season 5 Episode 24, let’s quickly recap and review the previous episode. Zac is the first to cave, and he wants to clear the air, but Lucinda is not really having it right now.

I definitely think that both parties have responded to this in a disrespectful way. I mean, he was disrespectful on the movie night, and she was disrespectful in her reaction to it. But like I said, if I meet disrespect with disrespect, I’m sorry. You cannot blame how I react to your disrespect.

Love Island Australia Season 5 Episode 24Zac tries to talk to Lucinda (Credits: 9Now)

I think at the end of the day, there has been a pattern of Zac being more concerned about how the boys feel about him than how Lucinda feels about him. We saw it after her date with Ryan, and then they were lying on the day beds.

She was actually asking to connect with him, and he would rather make a joke out of the whole situation. I understand that he says she comes from toxic relationships, and you can see that she engages in toxicity, but that immaturity that comes from Zac, who would want to deal with that?

Another immature person is Lucinda. But yeah, you can call this person toxic, but you’re immature, which leads to toxicity as well. I’m glad that, eventually, he did have a change of heart after he slept on it. But why does it always have to come to these big blows for us to realize, “ohh, maybe I should have reacted that way”? To me, that’s concerning.

But still, don’t be out here trying to say, “Oh, somebody needs to be trying to be better in relationships when you’re acting like this.” A lot more happened in previous episodes, but now let’s discuss when Episode 24 of Love Island Australia Season 5 will be released and what will happen in it.

Love Island Australia Season 5 Episode 23Love Island Australia Season 5 Episode 23Savanah and Lucinda (Credits: 9Now)

Release Date & Where to Watch

Love Island Australia Season 5 Episode 24 will be released on 7 December 2023 on Channel Nine. At the time of writing, 25 episodes are scheduled for this season, but there will likely be more episodes like the other Love Island shows. Since Love Island Australia Season 5 episodes are released every day, there is no preview for episode 24 at the moment.

Episode 24 of Love Island Australia Season 5 will air at 7:00 PM AEDT in Australia. New episodes of Love Island Australia Season 5 are released every day from Monday to Thursday. The episode 24 release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • Pacific Time (New York) 12:00 AM on Thursday, 7 December 2023
  • Eastern Time (Canada) 3:00 AM on Thursday, 7 December 2023
  • Greenwich Mean Time (London) 8:00 AM on Thursday, 7 December 2023
  • Central European Time (Germany) 9:00 AM on Thursday, 7 December 2023
  • Indian Standard Time (India) 1:30 AM on Thursday, 7 December 2023
  • Philippine Standard Time (Philippines) 4:00 PM on Thursday, 7 December 2023
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia) 7:00 PM on Thursday, 7 December 2023

You can watch Love Island Australia S5 E24 on Nine and stream it on 9Now.

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