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‘Made P*RN with his second wife so that whole India could see..

Adnan Sami, the famous singer of Bollywood films, has been levelled with serious allegations by his brother, Junaid Sami Khan, and has made many big claims. In his social media posts, Junaid has not only called Adnani Sami a big liar but has also made many big allegations against him. While Junaid accused Adnan of going to jail on the one hand, on the other hand, he has also explained why Adnan Sami adopted Indian citizenship.

In his post, Junaid discussed Adnan’s personal and professional life, and according to a report, Adnan Sami’s brother Junaid Sami wrote about Adnan. ‘The time has come to become Imran Khan, and now I want to be like my elder brother, Adnan Sami. There are many truths to be told, and now I am not afraid of anyone except the above. I don’t like doing this, but now I have to do it because it is very important for the truth to come out. I challenge Adnan Sami to deny even a single thing from what I said.

Junaid further wrote in his post, ‘Adnan was born on August 15, 1969, in a hospital in Rawalpindi, while I was born in the same hospital in 1973. So it is a lie that he was born in England. He failed his O-levels in England and got his degree from Lahore. He did his A-Levels privately from Abu Dhabi. In his post, Junaid further commented on Adnan’s personal life as well. Junaid further claimed that Adnan made porn DVDs with his second wife. According to the report, Junaid wrote in the post, ‘This point makes me sick; I can’t even do this with my girlfriend’, while Adnan Sami, along with his second wife Saba, made pornographic DVDs in the years 2007–2008. Of course, a lot happens between husband and wife, but it should be kept to oneself. Adnan gave this DVD in court so that the whole of India could see it and said that it was not made by him but by Saba’s lover. All this is a lie. I was told that Saba had fainted in court.

As per the report received, Junaid further added in his post that Adnan never helped him in his career because he was afraid that I was better than him and his career would end. I stayed at home and could not do anything, thanks to Adnan. At the end of the post, Junaid wrote that Adnan took Indian citizenship because he gets good money here, which is not available in Pakistan. Junaid also said that his mother is not Indian but Pakistani. Significantly, Junaid deleted his social media post after some time.

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