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Mahindra Sales Breakup Aug 2023

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Mahindra has reported their highest ever SUV sales in Aug 2023 – Thanks to new launches

Mahindra has been known for its robust and versatile range of SUVs. In August 2023, the company continued its journey in the fast-evolving automotive market with an impressive sales performance, maintaining its status as one of India’s largest SUV manufacturers. Let’s dive into the details of Mahindra’s car sales breakup for August 2023, comparing year-on-year (YoY) and month-on-month (MoM) figures.

Year-on-Year Sales Comparison (August 2023 vs. August 2022)

Scorpio Classic and Scorpio N models stole the show with 9,898 units sold in August 2023, a remarkable 40.28% increase from the previous year. These models held a significant 26.56% share of Mahindra’s total sales in August 2023. Bolero lineup garnered a strong performance with 9,092 units sold, a YoY growth of 10.26%. Bolero retained a substantial 24.39% share of total sales.

Mahindra Sales Aug 2023Mahindra Sales Aug 2023

XUV700, another crowd favorite, registered 6,512 units sold in August 2023, reflecting an 8.35% YoY growth. This model contributed to 17.47% of Mahindra’s total sales. Mahindra’s iconic Thar witnessed an impressive YoY growth of 56.89%, with 5,951 units sold in August 2023. Thar held a 15.97% share of total sales.

In the sub-compact SUV segment, the XUV300 performed admirably, selling 4,992 units and boasting a YoY growth of 15.50%. It contributed to 13.39% of the total sales. Mahindra’s electric SUV, the XUV400, marked its presence with 778 units sold in August 2023. This model was a new addition to the lineup, reflecting its share of 2.09% in total sales. Marazzo MPV, with 47 units sold, had a YoY growth of 4.44%, contributing a small but noteworthy 0.13% to total sales. Total Sales in August 2023: Mahindra achieved a total of 37,270 unit sales in August 2023, reflecting a substantial YoY growth of 26.46%.

Mahindra Sales Aug 2023Mahindra Sales Aug 2023

Month-on-Month Sales Comparison (August 2023 vs. July 2023)

August 2023 saw 9,898 units of Scorpio / N sold, a slight decrease of 5.93% compared to the previous month, holding a 29.06% share. Bolero lineup performed consistently with 9,092 units sold, showing a modest MoM growth of 1.92% and holding a 24.64% share. XUV700 maintained its appeal with 6,512 units sold in August 2023, representing a 5.44% MoM growth and contributing to 17.06% of total sales.

Mahindra’s rugged Thar continued to impress with 5,951 units sold, indicating a notable 13.03% MoM growth and a 14.54% share of total sales. XUV300 maintained its steady performance with 4,992 units sold, showing a 10.13% MoM growth and holding a 12.52% share. XUV400 electric SUV showed promise with 778 units sold, reflecting a 10.04% MoM growth and contributing 1.95% to total sales.

Marazzo MPV experienced a MoM decline, with only 47 units sold, marking a 41.98% decrease and holding a 0.22% share. Total Sales in August 2023: Mahindra achieved a total of 37,270 unit sales in August 2023, showing a modest MoM growth of 2.94%.

In summary, Mahindra’s performance in August 2023 showcased the company’s strong foothold in the Indian SUV market. Scorpio/N, Bolero, XUV700, Thar, and XUV300 continued to be the flag bearers of the brand’s success, with promising new additions like the XUV400 contributing to the company’s growth.

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