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Malaysia’s roti canai tops list as best-rated bread in the world, but with recommended eateries hailing from Singapore, Lifestyle News

Malaysia and Singapore are always locking horns over which country has the better food. 

And it seems like this time around, Malaysia has won the battle. Or have they? 

According to experiential travel online guide TasteAtlas, Malaysia is home to the best-rated bread in the whole world with their roti canai coming in first, followed by Columbia’s pan de bono and India’s butter garlic naan. 

For the uninitiated, roti canai is a traditional pan-fried flatbread made with flour, water, eggs and fat.

While roti canai has Indian origins, it is mainly associated with Malaysia and surrounding countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand, explained TasteAtlas.

Other variations of it include roti bom, roti tisu and roti pisang. 

In Singapore, roti canai is more commonly referred to as roti prata. 

And the number one spot goes to…

Though Malaysia is number one when it comes to best breads, the top of TasteAtlas’ list of recommended places to get good roti canai surprisingly isn’t a Malaysian establishment, but rather Singapore’s Mr and Mrs Mohgan. 

The second on the list isn’t from Malaysia either, instead with another Singapore joint featuring — The Roti Prata House. 

A Malaysia eatery only makes the list at number three and it’s Valentine Roti from Kuala Lumpur.

Other Malaysian roti canai joints include Nasi Kandar Pelita, I.V. Restaurant and Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar. 

But there are also quite a number of other Singapore names on top such as Casuarina Curry and Sin Min Roti Prata. 

So, Singapore or Malaysia? 

The topic on whether Singapore or Malaysia food is better will always lead to a heated discussion. 

Earlier in July, Malaysian rapper Namewee weighed in on the age-old debate and ranked both Singapore and Malaysia when it came to food. 

“This is the one that Singaporeans and Malaysians quarrel about the most. To which country do bak kut teh and satay belong to, who invented chicken rice?” the 40-year-old said.

“Singapore definitely lose to Malaysia lah, but there are some things they do well.”

For Singapore, he really loves our pepper bak kut teh, but did not mention how he feels about roti canai. 

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