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Nat Gas Potential Reverse Merger / $TGLO Over 70% Of This Company Was Purchased By Delfin Midstream – Theglobe.com (OTC:TGLO)

Way back in December of 2017 Delfin Midstream made an acquisition of over 70% $TGLO TGLO and as you can see here. It looks like they have plans to expand. 

If you believe that there may be a natural gas comeback like I do, this certainly deserves to stay on watch. They are currently trading OTC, but catch this. In over 5 years of owning just over 70% of $TGLO Delfin has not diluted or followed the trend of getting involved in toxic financing that is stressing our markets today. Why am I bringing this up now? They still have not completed the long awaited reverse merger that can really cause an impact. 

As you can see by the link attached earlier in the article, they have agreements that show their desire to grow at a fast rate, I won’t bore you with the details because you’re going to want to double check on their official page anyway, because who am I? You’re going to want to take a second look to confirm research as always this is just something that caught my eye. More people should be paying attention to this as time goes by and the LNG field hopefully has a promising recovery going into the winter months. Below I’m going to list off a few reasons why I believe there is so much promise floating in Delfin.

– Why hold 70% of a shell company for over 5 years if you’re not going to do anything with it?

– They are accelerating the development of FLNG vessels as stated publicly, why would Delfin do that if they weren’t forecasting accelerating growth as well? 

– TImiing is everything, they may be waiting for the right time. Like potentially when nat gas is trading near the lows that it has been. 

Always do your own research, this is just something I just came across that looks extremely interesting on the surface. Feel free to shoot me a follow

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