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‘Next Level’: Mumbai Hotel Had a Genius Trick to Air Condition Two Rooms at Once

Be it inadequate maintenance or uncooperative staff at a hotel, we all have experienced it at least once in our lives. In a similar case, a Twitter user Anurag Minus shared his experience from 2011 when he stayed in a hotel in Mumbai hoping he would get an air-conditioned room. Although Anurag got a room with a split AC, to his surprise the AC was installed in such a way that it served two separate rooms. A hole was made in the wall between the two rooms so that the split AC could cool both rooms at the same time.

Sharing a picture of the same, Anurag Minus wrote, “Booked this room in Mumbai in 2011, where the manager promised the split AC room. It was literally a split AC room which was split into two rooms. One half in ours and rest in another, where 2 uncles were playing ‘ay Ganpat chal daaru la’ song in full volume till 4 in the morning”. Take a look at the tweet below.

In the following tweet, Verma claimed that he thinks, “The hotel manager was perhaps a fan of Derrida’s theory of language”. Even though he withheld the hotel’s name, his tweet made internet users laugh. His tweet on Twitter received hundreds of comments, retweets, and more than 5,700 likes. Some of the users couldn’t control their laughter at this never-seen-before innovation, while some users wondered which of the rooms had the remote to the air conditioner.

One of the users wrote, “Did both rooms have the remote for the aircon? That wud have been a fun game to play on a sweltering night”. Another user wrote, “Next time specifically ask where the other half of their split AC would be”. A third user quipped, “I am still laughing. You should be happy that you paid only half of the electricity bill! BTW, those uncles were waiting for you to bring them some daaru till 4 AM?” Check out a few tweets from netizens below.

Later, Verma stated that he was unable to change the temperature of the air conditioner or turn it off because no remote was provided to him. He said, “Management set the temperature to 24 degrees to avoid any fights.”

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