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Nostalgic Blend Of Many Film Plots? Here Are My 5 Flashbacks

Jawan – a name that’s been travelling across my mind for months. Last night, I decided to finally watch the much-awaited, highly anticipated film on the big screen.

So, I strolled into the cinema, all set to watch Jawan. But somehow, it turned into a wild ride down memory lane. I was hit with memories from who-knows-how-many stories back, as it reminded me of many other films I’d seen before. And let me tell you, this is no small deal. I’m the kind of person who, in real life, forgets people’s names and faces faster than my Wi-Fi connection drops. But somehow, this movie filled me with nostalgia. Now, for folks like me who live and breathe movies, it might seem praiseworthy that you go to watch one film and return with the joys of several others. But for other critics out there, it might not.

Spoiler Alert: This article could spill the beans on some major plot points, so proceed only if you’ve already seen it. I wouldn’t want to ruin your viewing experience. And if you’re planning to head to the movie, consider getting there early—don’t miss the beginning!

How Jawan Gave Me Five Bollywood Flashbacks

Shanti with Rubaai’s Essence

We’ve witnessed the magic of Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan together on screen several times, and this latest reunion was far from boring; it was exceptionally special. The nostalgic 90s vibe transported me back to Om Shanti Om, and certain scenes, like the wrestling face-off and Padukone’s action sequence, had me recalling moments from Pathaan. Overall, this part was like a blend of Shanti and Om and Rubaai and Pathaan.

Aishwarya or Shivgami

If my memory serves me right, we haven’t witnessed Padukone in the role of a pregnant woman or a mother before this movie. Her performance as Aishwarya was truly remarkable, and she effortlessly stole the spotlight during the second half, leaving Khan with no crumbs to grab. Her portrayal as a mother brought back memories of Bahubali’s Shivgami, brilliantly portrayed by Ramya Krishnan. The way she introduced her and Vikram Rathod’s son, Azaad, in a particular scene even echoed Shivgami showing Bahubali to the world.

jawan Review

Kaveri Amma 2.0 

Ridhi Dogra takes on the role of SRK’s adoptive mother and a former women’s prison warden in Jawan. Interestingly, it was my mother who spotted it first. She pointed out that this was a nod to the character Kaveri Amma, portrayed by the late film veteran Kishori Ballal in Shah Rukh Khan’s 2004 movie, Swades. For those unaware, Kaveri Amma was a cherished character and a motherly figure in Swades.

Jawan Review

More Than Just Six Women – A Multitude!

 A fiery storyline featuring a group led by someone working incognito for their country, a narrative that feels like we’ve seen it a thousand times before. However, what set this apart was the all-women team. And it wasn’t just the six you glimpsed in the trailers and teasers; it was an entire jail filled with female inmates. I’ve lost count, but there were a whole lot of them.

Jawan Review

Take a closer look at the scene—yes, all those dancers, whether in the background, foreground or scattered everywhere, are actually inmates, functioning as a united team.

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A Mix of Sooryavansham + Nayak + Pathaan?

SRK takes on a dual role, portraying both father Vikram Rathod and son Azad, both striving to contribute to the betterment of their nation. It felt like a blend of Nayak’s remake with the grandeur of Pathaan and the body of Sooryavansham

Is Jawan a Blend of Multiple Movie Plots?

As I jot down these words, there’s a group of folks unleashing their criticism on director Atlee. Many tweeps have taken to Twitter to claim that Jawan is a blend of storylines and scenes borrowed from movies in South India like Arrambam, Mersal, Sardar, Bigil, Kaththi, Ramana, Vivegam, Citizen, Kandasamy, and more. However, since I haven’t watched any of these films, hence not adding them to the list, I’ll leave that debate aside for now.

For me, Jawan felt like ordering a simple slice of pizza and winding up with a lavish Italian feast. It began as an appetiser, but my mind decided to treat me to a three-course banquet of nostalgia. What more could a movie lover ask for?

Views expressed by the author are their own.

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