Penguin sells Yes Bank story rights for film to Almighty Motion Pictures

Publishing house Penguin Random House India on Monday said it has closed a deal with Almighty Motion Pictures for the audio-video rights of financial thriller ‘The Banker Who Crushed His Diamonds: The Story’. The book, published by Penguin earlier this year on the Yes Bank saga, was authored by Furquan Moharkan.

The Banker Who Crushed His Diamonds uncovers the deep rot set in the Yes Bank’s glittering success story, the publisher said in a statement. Charting the trajectory of the bank, from its inception to its dramatic rise and meteoric downfall, this book captures the story of the people behind one of the biggest banking failures in Indian history, it added.

“We have also seen growing interest in financial thrillers in the country, which I hope would lead to the success of The Banker Who Crushed His Diamonds in AV form. This will also help a lot in making the masses financially more literate,” Moharkan said.

Almighty Motion Pictures, launched in 2020 with a web series on MX Player, is headed by actor turned entrepreneur Prabhleen Kaur Sandhu.

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