People From Pune With Diverse Background, Together Fighting Against Covid-19 – Part 2

Famous song “Shanta bai” singer found in dire straits – Helped by activists including Ex-Cops.

The lock-down seems taking its toll on every one of us, while most of us are in our houses with our rations stacked, some sections of society, are just not able to do so. Even those, who earn their living, but are directly affected by this lock-down, make a significant part of such section.

In Pune we have seen many organizations, government officials and even housewives and housing societies helping the underprivileged and those who are incapacitated by Covid-19 global pandemic. We had covered one story earlier and we thought of following up with the protagonist and activists involved.

It seems our protagonist, Ex-Cop Shailesh Jagtap and his volunteer friends Ex-Cop Pervez Jamadar, Amit Gupta, Sachin Chavan, Vikram Agarwal, Amit Karpe, Jitendra Dhamale, Sunil Darekar, Jayesh Jagtap and activist Ms. Ujwala Gaud from the women’s rights NGO RanRaagini are still busy with what they do best! Help those in need!

This time they were seen helping none other than once a super hit sensation, Singer Sanjay Londhe of “Shantabai” fame. The artist was in distress and was found awaiting in a ration distribution queue. This team of corona fighters swung into action and provided ample ration not just for him but few other artists along with him.

Further as per the inputs we were notified about them distributing ration with the help of local authorities in the most affected area” Rajewadi”.

They didn’t stop there, through volunteers Baban Shaikh and Umesh Kumkar they distributed 100 KG rice to the most neglected section of our society, The sex workers. Inspired by their selfless work, Local Shri Ram trust of Maheshwari Samaj from the area Ravivar Peth donated 300 packets of food to the local labors and sex workers.

Even animals were taken care of, by this group of volunteers and activists. So far they have fed the animals near Alandi, which is an outskirt of Pune city, with two truckload of fodder.

So this time, it was a cordoned off area with help of local authorities, local labors, neglected sex workers, inspiration to NGOS and animals fed in the outskirts of Pune City. This could easily be part Two of our imaginary movie we mentioned in the earlier story we covered on them.

On an enlightened note we hope all of us along with our superheroes and corona fighters beat this pandemic and remind one-another the importance of giving,empathy and pure help on time.

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