Pune Cantonment Board tells PMPML to repair 10 bus stands in poor shape | Pune News

PUNE: The Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has directed the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) to carry out repairs to 10 bus shelters bad shape in its limits.
A team of engineers from the PCB inspected the bus stops in the last two weeks.
“The majority of these stands are in bad shape. We found the roofs, iron bars, and benches broken during the survey. Commuters. are now forced to stand in open areas. It is unsafe for them. As a result, carrying out the repair work is the need of the hour,” said Amit Kumar, chief executive officer, PCB.
The survey was conducted following the collapse of a bus shelter on Moledina Road, opposite the SGS Mall, on August 13, resulting in injuries to two commuters. The bus stop is still lying on the road, causing inconvenience to commuters.
“We have informed the PMPML authorities to lift the stand since it is their property. We cannot scrap it or dispose it off unless we receive official permission from the transport body. The PMPML has not responded to our communication yet,” said Kumar.
Commuters expressed concern over the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities. “How can the collapsed bus shelter be allowed to remain on the road for the last two months? It shows the poor coordination between the two authorities. Instead of making bus stops safe, the authorities are passing the buck,” Ashok Shinde, a regular commuter, said.
Another passenger, Rupali Kale, pointed out the poor condition of the existing bus stand on Moledina Road. “Not even five passengers can sit at the bus stop now. The condition of the roof has deteriorated over the years. Thus, many passengers like me stand in open areas. The PMPML and PCB should take appropriate steps in this regard,” Kale added. “The grass in and around some of the bus stops has increased in the last few months. The authorities concerned need to clean it to ensure the safety of the commuters. Neither the PMPML nor cantonment is paying heed to this aspect,” said Sandesh Shirke, a cantonment resident.
Another resident, Samir Male, said, “Many bus stands are in poor condition. One can’t even sit at the stop. People have to stand in open areas for a long time in all weather conditions.”
Duttatray Zende, general manager, traffic, PMPML, did not reply to phone calls or text messages.

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