Pune: Rise in back pain issues among kids and teens | Pune News

PUNE: Prolonged studying from home, incorrect posture due to poor ergonomics and inactivity owing to remaining indoors have led to more and more children and teenagers experiencing backache.
“My 14-year-old son has been complaining of back pain for the last few months. We tried home remedies, such as applying hot and cold compress, but he got no relief. Initially, the doctor recommended medication, but when the problem persisted, he suggested physiotherapy for posture correction,” said a concerned parent. Increased screen time, poor posture, physical inactivity, and erratic schedules have induced back pain in children, said doctors.
Trupti Pioli, a paediatrician, said, “It is advisable for parents to ensure that their child participates in an hour of physical activity at home daily.”
Orthopaedic surgeon Mayank Pathak said that there has been a 100% rise in back pain among those between the ages of 8-20. “Binge-watching movies, with lack of sleep and rest while at home can cause stiffness and back pain,” he said.
“Chronic back pain might be indicative of serious underlying issues. Parents should keep an eye on weight loss, gait disturbance, fever, bowel or bladder dysfunction or weakness in the nerve,” said Sujith Rao, physiotherapist.
Vishwajit Chavan, orthopaedic consultant, Apollo Spectra, Pune, said, “Don’t just let your kid rest on bed for long as the body can become stiff. Make them get up move, stand and stretch to manage lower back pain. Avoid sugary, processed and fried foods that can increase the pain.”

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