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Reminder: 11:51 am auspicious time for Dashain tika (With int’l time) – The Annapurna Express

The Nepal Calendar Determination Committee (NCDC) has determined 11:51 am (5 October) as the auspicious time to receive Dashain tika this year.

Although one can offer and receive Tika throughout the day, the auspicious hour for it is determined at 11:51 am, Shree Krishna Adhikari, Chairperson of the Committee said.

Auspicious time for other countries

Nepal- 11:51 AM (Oct 05)

Doha, Qatar- 08:15 AM (Oct 05)

kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 10:25 AM (Oct 05)

Abu Dhabi, UAE- 09:01 AM (Oct 05)

Saudi Arabia- 09:55 AM (Oct 05)

Delhi, India- 10:45 AM (Oct 05)

Sydney, Australia- 10:41 AM (Oct 05)

Melbourne, Australia- 10:55 AM (Oct 05)

Brisbane, Australia- 11:05 AM (Oct 05)

Tokyo, Japan- 10:39 AM (Oct 05)

Seoul, South Korea- 10:51 AM (Oct 05)

Wellington, New Zealand- 10:57 AM (Oct 05)

Toronto, Canada- 11:39 AM (Oct 04)

London- 11:57 AM (Oct 04)

California, USA- 11:45 AM (Oct 04)

New York, USA- 11:11 AM (Oct 04)

Texas, USA- 11:35 AM (Oct 04)

Kentucky, USA- 11:55 AM (Oct 04)

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