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RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. (PNK:RKFL) Q3 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. (PNK:RKFL) Q3 2022 Earnings Call Transcript April 4, 2023

Ben Yankowitz: Well, hello, everybody. We’ll made another minute or two for everybody to join. But in the meantime, let me introduce Peter Jensen, who is our CEO and our great leader and he’s going to walk you through some of the updates now that we’ve filed our 10-Q for the quarter that ended December 31, we’re able to bring you up to the minute information on our company.

Peter Jensen: All right. Thank you, Ben, and welcome, everyone. I see some of you are dialing in, some of you are attending via Zoom, so you can see my screen. But this session is being recorded and so you will be able to go in and see the entire presentation after in case you want to see some of the slides, which you cannot see through the phone. With us today, we also have Arvind Verma, who is our VP of Products based also here in San Francisco together with me. Ben is in Los Angeles. So I will get this going, I’m going to share my screen here. Show you a few slides and then we do Q&A. So can you see it okay now, Ben, does it look okay?

Ben Yankowitz: Yes, I can see it finer.

Peter Jensen: Great. Thank you. Alrighty, so Just a quick reminder, I mean, we’re doing this once in a while and most of you we’ve spoken to before. There’s always a few people, who we’ve not spoken to, so I always at a very high level remind people of what it is we’re doing, little bit about the status of the company, some of our commercial traction and then a few comments and then we do Q&A. So let me go through that and just remind you what it is we’re trying to do here. We have built the foundation for a brand new way of exchanging money between companies and people. And is that foundation based on modern blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for some of our products that we are building products on top of. And you’ll see how we are evolving from having one product to having several products built on the same foundation and all of them are generating revenue for us.

So the idea is that anyone can send payments to anyone else, whether it’s business or private people, irrespective of the currency, whether it’s a cryptocurrency or fiat currency, we don’t care and we’ll handle that in a way that’s much more efficient and more secure and less expensive than the current payment rails out there. So as we’ve talked about before, our strategy is to keep adding new functionality, new products, new revenue sources. Basically, of course, we’re always looking for new customers, but we also want to go back to our existing customers and sell them more and we’ll talk about how we’ve been successfully doing that. So as you know, we’ve started out with our e-commerce product, that’s the product that allows people to or merchants to accept payment with crypto or ACH bank transfer, that was our first product.

We went live with it 10 months ago. And then we’ve been talking about how we’ve been testing our B2B cross-border product that allows our customers to move larger amounts primarily between countries, but some of them also use it to move money within the country. Just because the existing bank payment rails are complicated. They are not reliable. They’re expensive. And we hear more and more people when they via money from one country to another using the switch system, it gets stuck, people ask questions and it’s just complicated. And then we recently announced in March our new payouts product. Again, this is a result of working with our large customers, we constantly learn about their pain points and they have many and we decide to team up with them to solve some of them, and that’s the third revenue stream.

And I’m — you’ll be seeing how we are generating revenue from all of these revenue streams and there is more to come, so that’s our strategy. I think I mentioned it here. The product, so I don’t want to talk more about that. I see there’s a typo here payout should be Q1 2023. But yes, you get the idea here constantly adding value, building the value with our customers. And we have a lot of existing customers, who start out with our e-commerce product and then they expand into our other products as well. And it is much cheaper and more efficient to sell more to the existing customers instead of going out, finding new customers not that we also — not that we’re not looking for new customers, but it works pretty well. So let’s talk a little bit about where we are.

We announced our calendar Q4, I always referred to calendar quarters, which is the October, November, December 2022. And the revenue grew and we saw quite a big uptick in transactions, number of transactions, 14 times, I think we had preannounced 13 times and we met that. We now have several enterprise customers that have more than $1 billion in revenue. And the reason I mentioned that is just that it’s an adjustment to our — the quality of our product, the breadth of our product, the stability of our product. There are a lot of functions that you need to build to support large enterprise customers, it’s not just that nice little front-end of how you can pay with crypto. It’s the holdback and how does their support team supported? How can they create refunds for their customers?

Photo by bitcoin executium on Unsplash

How do they analyze, if you’re a big partner like ACI? How many — how much revenue across all your merchants and so on. So there’s a lot of additional functionality behind the scenes that is required to support these large enterprise customers. And then we’ve talked about this for a while. We have been testing our B2B cross-border product with a few customers and we continue to do that in Q4. So that was basically the calendar Q4. Now we also preannounced the first calendar quarter of 2023 and are happy to announce that our revenue continues to increase. This when we make the final announcement, you’ll see the actual number. But in terms of book revenue, we expect it to be six figures i.e., more than $100,000, which will represent approximately 2.5 times our previous quarter revenue, so that’s a good growth quarter-over-quarter, if we can keep that up, that will be great.

We also closed our first six figure enterprise deal, so one customer, they signed a large contract with us that included an upfront payment of at least more than $100,000. And what’s really nice is that these large customers that get on board they’re very happy with us. They — we have super happy customers, we tell all potential investors, if you want to talk to our customers, go talk to them. Not that there aren’t problems here and there, we’re talking about software and technology, but overall when you talk to them, they really like our technology and the way we work with them. And then we also announced the payout product. The payout product is the product that allows us or our merchants to payout large amounts of money to — and small amounts of money to a large number of their customers.

So what could an example of that be? It could be the gig economy where you have a lot of these websites where people offer all sorts of services and these people all around the world. And the website and the company our merchant would be the one that collects all the revenue and then they have to pay out $100, $1,000, $500 to all these people, and they’re all over the world, somewhere in Philippines, some are in India, some are in Ukraine, some are in Texas, and so on. And sending $500, $200, $1,000 here and there is just not very efficient through the banking system and it takes time. And it generates a lot of support calls for them. And so more and more of their customers are saying, can you just send it to me in crypto, maybe a stable coin, so I don’t run any volatility risk?

And do they have the money in a minute or two or three as opposed to all the other stuff. And it doesn’t have to go through bank systems and all of that, that can delay it. So that is a — something we’re expecting a lot from. I mentioned the gig economy, others are the gambling websites where you bid $100 on a football match and you win and maybe the company used to send you back $200, well, again, these people can be all over the world. These are big billion dollar businesses that need to distribute a lot of money to a lot of people in an efficient way and this is where exactly blockchain technology is super, super good. So we announced the product and we already closed some deals with this product and we do see a big demand for this product.

It’s — we just talked to a lot of people in the industry, we were at a conference over in Lisbon, but even February or March, and we count at least 10 customers, who wanted this. I met personally with one of our larger existing customers in New York a couple of weeks ago and they want to use this as well. So there’s great demand for that. We expect a lot from that product. And just one comment in our first quarter of 2023, these two new products that we have rolled out both the B2B product and the payout product in Q1 generated as much or more than our original e-commerce product, which means that we now have three strong revenue pillars, we’re less dependent on one product. We have a diversified revenue portfolio and of course, the more products you have, the more problems you solve, the more revenue you can generate.

So — and then, of course, we continue to rollout our e-commerce products to more and more merchants out there and their transaction A size and number of transactions increased to grow. So we expect all of these products to continue to grow in the foreseeable future. So that was that. Yes, so looking ahead, it’s always dangerous, but we feel really good about the continued growth here. We did as I said, more than $100,000 this quarter, and as I mentioned, we expect the growth to continue in all three revenue segments. And we do expect to introduce at least one more, so we have four different revenue sources and products. So we’ll see how that goes this quarter. But if everything goes well, then we will also see revenue from them. Then we will have four revenue sources that keep growing.

We expect — we have some very interesting projects going on in some of the night clubs around the world. The high-end night clubs that allow their customers to book a $20,000 table with drinks and all of that. There are more and more international tourists that want to pay with crypto. And they see a big demand in that, and so we’ll see where that goes. My objective is to generate $1 million at least in our fiscal 2023, that is our objective and we’ll see how it goes. But if we can keep the growth I have listed some objective here on the right hand side, and if we can keep growing between 50% and 100% quarter-over-quarter, we can also reach $1 million. There are a lot of good things that need to happen in order for that to happen, but it’s definitely possible.

We see the need in the market, we just need to execute. So a couple of other comments. Yes, I wanted to just remind everyone that we are a payment infrastructure company. In Q4, Q4 was a little — calendar Q4 was a little tough for us. December with FTX affecting the market and just generally, as you all know, the stock market was down and there was not a lot of activity in terms of investments and everyone was just holding off that luckily has changed and we see it pick up again. It helps that the cryptocurrencies are growing. In fact, we — where FTX was — has nothing to do with crypto, it’s just illegal activity that could have happened just like it did with and others, we have seen some positive impact from the SVB Silicon Valley Bank problems unfortunately, I would say, I’d wish they were not in that situation, but what it has meant for the crypto industry is that people are realizing that just because you have money in the bank, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose money.

And more and more people are like, well, hang a minute, if I had owned — if I own cryptocurrency on my computer on my phone, I’m not dependent on an authority party, and whether they survive or not, I always have my currencies. And this is so nice to see that people are finally starting to get it that if you cut out the intermediaries and imagine when we have our central bank digital coin or digital dollar, digital euro. If you have $1 million backed by the U.S. Government or the European Union, you have zero volatility risk and unless the country goes bankrupt, your money is safe, you’re not dependent on whether the bank survives or whether what the limit is and so on. So it’s really good for us. So just reminding everyone that we are a payment infrastructure company.

We do not own crypto. We do not own crypto. And we are not impacted by crypto volatility. We basically — we’re like Visa and Mastercard, but for modern payment solutions where we charge a percentage of the money that we process. And of course, it’s less expensive than the existing rails that doesn’t mean we’ll make less money, because the new rails are more secure, more efficient, so we’re able to offer a better service to our customers at a cheaper rate with more security and still making good money. And then the last thing is, many of you investors, they — you compare us to others and you should. We feel that, that we have an attractive valuation right now, especially with the growth we’re seeing. I also want to remind you that sometimes when you compare us to other companies, they talk about the annual recurring revenue ARR.

And we don’t — we talk about how much revenue we actually book. We do — we are starting to look at what our ARR numbers are, but it’s been a little up and down here in the beginning just because we’re starting off with a small base. But over time, we may start reporting that. But our ARR is looking really good, especially compared to our valuation. So we of course believe we are an attractive investment. But what else would you expect to hear from me? So that’s all I wanted to share right now. Ben, do you have any comments, things I have forgotten or things I should talk about?

Ben Yankowitz: No, I don’t think so. Happy to take questions on the financial results?

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Q&A Session

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Peter Jensen: Yes. I mean to summarize growing 2.5 times over the previous quarter is obviously what we want to do and it’s nice to see that compared with large customers, compared with large deals and we have a lot of deferred revenue that we will benefit from in the future quarters. So we feel good about it. But yes, let’s open it up for questions-and-answers. So Ben, how do people ask questions?

Ben Yankowitz: I think you got to raise your hand by hitting the raise hand button.

Peter Jensen: Or can they type it into the Q&A or?

Ben Yankowitz: Yes, you can do that too.

Peter Jensen: Okay.

Ben Yankowitz: That’s probably

Peter Jensen: Either raise your hand or type it into and Q&A and we will monitor it.

Ben Yankowitz: Yes. While we’re waiting, maybe you want to say a couple of things about our new product lines the payouts and the on-ramp?

Peter Jensen: Well, I hope that I talked about the two new product lines, which is B2B, cross-border and our payouts, which are the two product lines that generated revenue in Q1. I did also mention that we have another one, a fourth one that we expect to roll out in the current quarter. And I didn’t really want to talk too much about it Ben other than, let’s talk about it when it’s there. I prefer talking about what we have, what generates revenue. But my point with this whole thing is that this story, we’ve been consistent in our story. We started out with crypto payments and we started really going live with our customers 10-months ago and we told you we were testing B2B. And now we’re seeing the revenue from it. We didn’t tell you this so much about the payouts that happened pretty fast, but that’s our third revenue stream and there will be more.

So you should value us on our history. I mean, we try to give you our best information and of course things don’t always work out exactly the way we want it, but so far it’s worked. Adding more and more products that equally distribute on the revenue side. And so yes, and there’s more to come.

A – Peter Jensen: So there was one question here in the Q&A. Are you actively raising funds or pitching investors like VCs? Yes, we will be doing that in the current quarter. We have been holding off a little bit only because we could see this how the momentum is increasing. So yes, we will be raising some money this year and that’s just like any other startup as we know. We want to grow as quickly as we can, so the answer is yes. If you know of anyone who is interested in investing, of course, people can buy our shares in the open market, but if they have a lot bigger amount that they’d like to invest, then contact Ben and we can discuss it. How big of a market opportunity is then payouts? How big are your clients who signed up for this product?

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