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RockX And Matrixport’s Cactus Custody Revolutionize Institutional Crypto Staking

RockX, a leading name in institutional-grade staking solutions in Asia, has teamed up with Matrixport’s Cactus Custody, Matrixport’s esteemed institutional custodian brand, to redefine the landscape of crypto staking.

The collaboration is laser-focused on making crypto staking more secure and easily accessible for mainstream financial entities, with a keen eye on regulatory compliance and bolstered security.

Addressing the Staking Hurdles

The allure of staking to secure stable yields hasn’t gone unnoticed by institutions. However, it’s not without its challenges. There’s much to navigate, from cybersecurity concerns and regulatory hoops to the ever-present token-slashing risks. Enter Cactus Custody. Its robust security solutions are poised to alleviate these institutional apprehensions.

Speaking exclusively with Benzinga about the collaboration, Chen Zhuling, CEO of RockX said“The need for strong collaboration between the custody and staking sectors has been highlighted by the increase in Ethereum staking volume following last April’s Shapella upgrade. This development allows more ETH holders to engage in network validation and introduces a stable yield curve in the crypto market.”

“Traditional financial institutions looking to explore this growing opportunity can now do so with greater confidence, thanks to our partnership with like-minded, institutional-facing solutions such as Cactus Custody,” he added. 

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Ethereum’s Rise Fuels the Momentum

The recent uptick in Ethereum’s staking volume, spurred by the successful rollout of the Shapella Upgrade in April, has only intensified institutional curiosity in digital assets. This growing interest underscores the vast potential of digital assets in generating yields.

Cactus Custody & RockX: Powerhouses in Their Own Right

Cactus Custody isn’t new to the game. With an impressive SOC-2 certification and licenses from regulatory bodies in Hong Kong and Switzerland, it currently protects billions in digital assets spanning over 30 blockchains for a clientele of over 300 institutions. On the other hand, RockX isn’t far behind, offering staking services for over 20 pivotal tokens and recently celebrating a whopping $1 billion in total staked assets.

Talking about the initiative, Wendy Jiang, head of Cactus Custody, told Benzinga, “With its enhanced security and accountability, institutional-grade custody services are set to play an increasingly important role, similar to their position as a bedrock in traditional finance. Our industry partnerships, such as with RockX, will contribute to the long-term stability and legitimacy of the crypto industry.”

Simplifying the Staking Process

The union of RockX and Cactus Custody is more than just a partnership; it’s a game-changer for institutional staking. They’re offering a straightforward one-click solution by simplifying the often intricate non-custodial staking process. This boosts the trust within the ecosystem and paves the way for a more inclusive digital asset landscape.

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