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Safety of eThekwini tap water has been determined by scientists

Scientists from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) have discovered that the tap water in Durban is safe and suitable for drinking. The results of a study conducted by this university’s Institute for Water and Waterwaste Technology (IWWT) recently brought back hope.

Why there were allegations that the eThekwini tap water is not safe to drink?

There have been allegations that the city’s water supply is not safe following last year’s floods that damaged the sewerage infrastructure. Beaches have been found to have high levels of the bacteria found in the soil, ecoli which has resulted in them not getting blue drop levels.

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As a result of this, the residents of this place have doubts about the water that comes out of the tap and some of them drink the bought water.

Director of IWWT, Professor Faizal Bux, said that more than 17 water facilities in Durban were inspected on 30 August , which is part of the water inspection every quarter of the year. He said that all the water tests in these facilities have shown that they are safe and suitable for drinking.

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What is the Mayor of eThekwini saying?

The Mayor of Durban, Mr. Mxolisi Kaunda, said that they are happy with the results of the latest test conducted by this independent agency.

He said the cleanliness of the city’s water is improving, this is proven by the fact that the results of the tests carried out by the South African National Accreditation (SANA) this year revealed that the clean water does not contain ecoli residues. He said that the water supplied to the community by trucks is also safe.

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“Water testing in this municipality is something that is done all the time to ensure that the water that the public drinks is safe,” said Kaunda.

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