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Sastanaqqam Strengthens Leadership with Assad Dar as Advisor, Eyes Web 3.0 Expansion






In a significant move to enhance its leadership in the blockchain and Web 3.0 domain, Sastanaqqam Company has announced the appointment of Assad Dar, a prominent figure in digital transformation and blockchain gaming, as an advisor. This partnership is set to open a new chapter for Sastanaqqam, positioning it for substantial growth in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Assad Dar: A Vanguard of Digital Innovation

Assad Dar is a prominent figure in digital innovation, with a 15-year tenure in IT and Digital Transformation. He has demonstrated his ability to enact significant organizational change, notably leading initiatives for global brands like Aspirin and Bepanthen.

In the blockchain gaming sector, Assad stands out as the Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Medieval Empires, where he has been pivotal in incorporating blockchain technology into gaming through NFTs.

Beyond his technical expertise, Assad is a dynamic keynote speaker, sharing insights on blockchain and digital transformation and emphasizing the need for positive change and process improvement.

Sastanaqqam’s Visionary Strategy

Sastanaqqam has embarked on a visionary strategy by bringing Assad Dar on board as an advisor, a move that underscores the company’s strategic intent to harness his extensive knowledge in blockchain technology and digital strategies.

This partnership is aimed at propelling Sastanaqqam further into the Web 3.0 arena. Assad’s remarkable track record in leading digital transformation and his forward-thinking approach are instrumental in guiding Sastanaqqam towards new frontiers in blockchain technology and Web 3.0. His involvement is expected to significantly enhance Sastanaqqam’s strategic direction.

We see Sastanaqqam as a hub where creativity, innovation, and finance intersect. We aim to transform how people interact with art and engage with DeFi products. Ultimately, we strive to be at the forefront of DeFi and digital art revolution, driving change and shaping the future of these industries.

With Assad’s expertise at their disposal, Sastanaqqam is poised to refine its business strategies, particularly focusing on key areas such as return on investment (ROI), customer acquisition, and revenue growth within the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

Future Prospects for Sastanaqqam

This collaboration with Assad Dar signifies a critical milestone for Sastanaqqam. It highlights the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital and blockchain technologies. Assad’s seasoned leadership and rich experience are anticipated to propel Sastanaqqam’s initiatives in gaming, art, and decentralized finance (DeFi), further consolidating its position as a major player in these sectors.

About Sastanaqqam

Established in 2021, Sastanaqqam is a pioneering force in the realms of blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies. The company is dedicated to integrating art, gaming, and DeFi, crafting an innovative and dynamic digital ecosystem. Sastanaqqam creates a thriving Web 3.0 ecosystem by converging decentralization, digitization, and entertainment. As a dynamic hub for artists, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts, we offer blockchain-powered services that elevate the experience. Spanning across multiple continents, Sastanaqqam extends its Web3 ecosystem presence to key global destinations.

Our platforms include a Digital art gallery, a Rental service for art display, and a crypto Wallet. Future developments include a virtual Museum and entertainment Platform designed to empower users’ Web 3.0 journey

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