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Scientists fear World War Three in space!

Scientists fear World War Three could break out in space after India landed on the Moon.

Scientists fear World War Three could break out in space

The South Asian country made history last month for becoming the first nation to successfully land a spacecraft on the south pole of the Moon.

Experts are now worried that war will break out between countries like India, Russia, China and US over colonisation rights of the lunar surface and other planets.

Minerals harvested from the Moon can not only be used to create weapons but also provide fuel for spacecrafts.

An Astrophysicist at New York University Abu Dhabi, Dr Dimitra Arti, said: “Since agencies around the globe are thinking about establishing permanent human bases on the moon, ice can help with habitation and be used to produce rocket fuel for missions to Mars and elsewhere.”

In July, the head of UK Space Command, Air Vice Marshal Paul Godfrey, warned Chinese leaders and Russian president Vladimir Putin have been secretly pumping “billions” into space travel in a plan that could see them build deadly “cosmic” weapons from minerals mined from the Moon.

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