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Scientists say new treatment could replace root canals

New treatment could one day replace root canal

New treatment could one day replace root canal


BOSTON – A novel treatment could one day replace the “dreaded” root canal.

Dental pulp is the tissue inside a tooth that can become inflamed and infected after injury or from cavities. 

The problem is often treated with a root canal where the pulp and nerve are removed, the root canal is cleaned, and then filled and sealed with material.  

But root canals can be uncomfortable and can lead to some complications such as infection or fracture.  

Now ADA Forsyth scientists are studying the use of a molecule called Resolvin E1 that is produced by the body and has been shown to control excess inflammation. 

In experiments, when applied to infected and damaged dental pulp, it was able to regenerate the pulp and slowed down the rate of infection and inflammation.  

Not only could this treatment one day replace root canals, but it could also potentially be used to grow bones and other tissues in various parts of the body.

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