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SHOCKING! Doctors Notice A Woman’s Breast Growing Inside Her Vulva – Find Out What It Was | HealthBeat

Breast cancer can occur in the accessory breast tissue as well, especially if it is larger and more developed.

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New Delhi: In a health-centric world where people are working incredibly hard to stay fit at any given age in life. Yet, one can barely process the kind of occurrences in this seemingly healthy world. In one such shocking case, a 24-year-old Persian woman mysteriously had a breast grow in her vulva. For 12 years, she continued to ignore the painless growth and then decided to get it checked. In the Journal of Medical Case Reports, Iranian experts revealed that the healthy woman’s labia were similar to a penis.

What is an accessory breast?

After removing the growth, doctors sent the samples for testing and it was discovered that the mass was made from best tissue thereby suggesting that it was an accessory breast. The breasts can form anywhere along the milk line which begins in the armpits and goes down to the chest abdomen and groin. However, in humans, it emerges around the chest.

Only in rare occasions, the tissue grows at other places on the milk line like the groin and is termed an accessory breast. The condition is known to affect up to 6 per cent women, 3 per cent men and appears in the form of a rough nipple. However, it being discovered in the vulva is an extremely rare occurrence as per doctors.

Breast cancer can occur in the accessory breast tissue as well, especially if it is larger and more developed.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

The symptoms of breast cancer are:

  1. Swelling and tenderness
  2. Restriction of arm movement
  3. Lump in the breasts or armpits

Despite being the most common form of cancer in women in metropolitan India, it is largely treatable – yet, timely diagnosis is key to preventing long-term damage.

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