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Sling Mobility, USAID collaborate to propel sustainable e-mobility, clean energy

Sling Mobility CEO Love Yadav (right) presenting the Battery Swapping Station to USAID Office of Economic Growth Sri Lanka Director Christopher Powers and USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program Chief of Party Rick Whitaker

Rider from Sling Mobility swapping the battery 

In a significant stride towards advancing e-mobility and clean energy initiatives, Sling Mobility, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Sri Lanka Energy Program, has successfully launched the “360° Sustainable Mobility” battery swapping project. 

The official handover ceremony on 28 November at the Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR) in Colombo was attended by Lion Ventures in Sri Lanka General Partner Love Yadav and USAID Office of Economic Growth Director Chris Powers. 

This ground-breaking project will establish an operational framework for an electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, with an emphasis on utilising solar power as a main energy source. The pilot project introduces two solar-powered battery-swapping stations strategically located at CENWOR and Fusion Sarvodaya in Colombo. The stations have the capacity to recharge and store batteries, ensuring a seamless and sustainable electric two-wheeler refuelling model.

Sling Mobility’s comprehensive approach covers all aspects of the EV ecosystem, from energy generation to consumption. The company’s business strategy, centered on providing cost-effective and efficient mobility solutions to the retail logistics sector through its smart electric vehicle ecosystem, has now become a tangible reality. The model addresses the critical need for efficient battery swapping, minimising downtime for riders, particularly in the context of collaborative efforts with Uber for food delivery services. This not only results in cost and time savings but also facilitates a trial of the business model’s effectiveness.

The initiative introduces a battery subscription, which significantly enhances affordability by eliminating the initial high-cost barrier for riders. By focusing on the most substantial individual cost for e-bikes and batteries, the company aims to make electric vehicle adoption more accessible.

Sling Mobility and the USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program are committed to engaging with marginalised and economically disadvantaged populations, aiming to stimulate their interest in the retail logistics industry through the use of electric vehicles. The project organised and executed four outreach initiatives, reaching over 100 participants from diverse backgrounds. As a result, the team trained 16 drivers and supported 10 individuals to obtain licenses for the first time, showcasing the project’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and economic empowerment.

Sling Mobility’s collaboration with USAID marks a significant step towards a sustainable and green future for urban mobility in Sri Lanka. The “360° Sustainable Mobility” battery swapping project is not just a technological innovation but a testament to the transformative power of partnerships driving positive change.

The USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program is one component of the United States’ long-standing partnership with the Sri Lankan people to promote a healthy, educated, and employed population. The program supports transforming Sri Lanka’s power sector into a market-based, secure, reliable, and sustainable system by mobilising investment to deploy advanced technologies, increase flexibility, and enhance competitiveness.

Sling Mobility is an EV ecosystem which operates a Battery as a Service (BaaS) and fleet management business in Sri Lanka, expanding into Bangladesh and the Maldives.

Sling Mobility aims to bring a commercially viable electric mobility model to Sri Lanka considering key aspects that impacts mass adoption beyond policy support i.e. improving adorability with a battery subscription model, reducing rider downtime with a battery swapping system, and promoting true sustainability with green energy input.


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