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Sonny Digital Believes “A Lot” Of People Tried To Blackball Him In Music Industry

Hitmaker Sonny Digital admitted he was frustrated with his producing career in an interview with Atlanta’s B High. The veteran producer, whose credits include iLoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” and YC’s “Racks,” explained why he turned his attention to rapping with the release of his debut album Dolores Son.

“Producing the stuff is cool but to become a multi-millionaire producer and stuff, the things that you gotta do, I’m just not … just my morals and a lot of things just don’t align with that s###,” he told B High. “I started making beats ‘cause I like making beats. I ain’t started doing it to—I ain’t even start doing it for the money and stuff though. That was so totally like, it just came with it. But when it came with it, it kinda became that job and made me stop liking doing it as much though.”

Sonny claimed people attempted to blackball him because he spoke out about financial issues in the music industry. The producer said he avoided blackballing by working with new artists.

“When I would say things pertaining to fair business to me as a producer, I be getting looked at weird though because I be the only one shouting that s###,” he said. “I feel like, not for nothing, I felt like a lot of people was trying to blackball me in the game. People wasn’t trying to work with me because of certain things, certain ways they felt or they think I was doing certain things and stuff. But the thing about it though, they kept forgetting: I couldn’t get blackballed though because everybody I was f###### with was new artists … You couldn’t really blackball me ‘cause you couldn’t really call my next move.”

Sonny mentioned he “kept getting the short end of the stick on the production end” despite producing for Future, Travis Scott and other Hip-Hop stars. He noted how after 10-15 years in the industry, he still felt like the public did not know who he was.

Last month, Sonny’s dropped his Dolores Son album via Atlantic Records. The project included collaborations with Juicy J and Seddy Hendrinx.

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