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Specific strategy required to anticipate future threats: TNI Commander

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Commander of the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI), Admiral Yudo Margono, underscored the need for Indonesia to have in place a specific strategy to anticipate various environmental threats and developments.

“Indonesia’s geographical condition is unique and requires a holistic approach and critical thinking to develop a strong defense strategy. The strategy involves all national resources that are organized into main defense components, reserves, and supporting components,” he stated in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The admiral made the statement at a national seminar commemorating TNI’s 78th Anniversary titled “Archipelagic Defense Strategy” in Jakarta. He also expected this seminar to aid in creating a solid foundation for TNI personnel in developing confidence in fulfilling their duties in future.

Moreover, Margono noted that Indonesia is at the crossroads of two continents and oceans with its abundant natural resources. Hence, the country has strategic and important value in terms of the world’s geopolitical and geostrategic context.

“We are all aware that Indonesia is an archipelagic country, with a very strategic position, as a nexus of world trade wherein 30-40 percent of the total world trade passes through Indonesia,” he pointed out.

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He also noted that scientific and technological developments can help the society in realizing globalization and modernization.

According to Margono, developments in science can also help in changing ways to handle military, non-military, and hybrid threats in future.

“The development of the current strategic environment has shown that the potential for a military invasion still exists. The Russia-Ukraine war shows that a warning sign or alarm is needed to raise awareness of the importance of defending a country against invasion,” he emphasized.

According to Margono, the threat of war in a country still exists. Hence, he reminded the TNI to have a strategy in anticipating this threat.

“The threat of war remains. Therefore, the TNI needs to formulate a strategy to deal with potential threats and factual impacts as well as become a basis for planning force development in order to anticipate future threats,” he emphasized.

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