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Bullying in schools has become a dangerous phenomenon that threatens students’ safety and the correct and proper functioning of the teaching process.

This phenomenon affects the psychology of students and prevents them from studying, achieving academic excellence, and establishing close and robust friendships among them.

Bullying occurs in the school environment when there is an intention to harm repeatedly. It happens due to differences in power between the two parties. Bullying can be physical, verbal, social, as well as electronic. It is possible to identify physical bullying in the school environment by grabbing part of the child’s clothing, traces of beating and bruises, or the child losing his things or items.

It is possible that these behaviours affect the child psychologically and lead to his isolation or sadness as a result of these actions or cause a deterioration in his academic performance and the beginning of a change in his personality from what is usual at home, such as fun, happiness, and others with enters the tunnel of depression.

The effects of bullying in the school environment may remain for years, as they may continue into the youth stage. Perhaps the measure of the survival of these effects depends on the bullying the child was exposed to, their personality, their ability to deal with pressures, and the psychological support they receive, whether from the family, the school, or specialists.

Bullying is one of the behavioural problems that should be paid attention to in order to reduce its appearance among students due to its negative psychological, physical and social effects on all parties that are part of the behavioural situation in which bullying behaviour appears. Treating this problem requires a comprehensive approach in which the roles of the various educational institutions are integrated, starting with the family that bears the greatest responsibility for raising children.

Social specialists confirmed that a child who has been subjected to bullying in the school environment must have the ability to talk to someone at school, such as a teacher, principal, or social specialist, and children need to communicate with parents or teachers about their exposure to bullying.

The child should communicate with the specialist himself about his exposure to bullying. Later, the family can intervene, as in the beginning, the child must talk about what they were exposed to. Knowing the effects of the child being exposed to bullying is essential. Does he have anxiety, depression, or any clear psychological effects? These effects are then treated by resorting to specialists in this field.


At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Social Development allocated a special awareness programme about school bullying for students from grades 1 to 6. Samraa bint Saeed al Maashariyah, a psychologist at the Family Guidance and Counselling Department, mentioned the importance of establishing an awareness programme to educate students about the issue of bullying; because they are unaware of what they are doing to their colleagues.

It is challenging to have a radical solution to bullying, but its effects and its presence among students can be reduced by intensifying and activating guidance sessions, training and dialogue sessions with students by the social specialist at the school to learn about their trends and opinions, and also organising specialised workshops at the school (for students, teachers and parents), in which will introduce them to how to properly deal with bullying students, to talk about the mechanisms for controlling them, and this applies to students who have been subjected to bullying or the bullies themselves.

Parents must adopt a favourable parenting method in their dealings with their children and periodically monitor their children’s behaviour in public life and at school, as monitoring helps clarify all of their children’s emergency behaviours, making it easier for them to intervene directly to avoid the accompanying problems, whether the bully or the bully.

It is necessary to shed light on this phenomenon, or rather this social issue, which is widely spread in all educational facilities, and solutions must be found that reduce its negative effects. Bullying greatly affects an individual’s mental health and may even end their life! In general, bullying is an integral part of the phenomenon of racism that is widespread globally and has begun to take over our society, especially our children, in the recent period through technological development and the means accompanying globalisation.

The school environment plays a major role in influencing our children’s psychology and personality, so bullying in this environment may be a deadly weapon to end the child’s mental health and self-confidence.

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